'Raise a Tiger'

Raise a wholehearted and confident child, who can live to their fullest expression.

Suitable for parents of children ages around 2-7 years.  
Help Me Raise a Tiger

Hey Mama!

I see you ... running round, doing all the things, knowing that there has to be another way. Well, there is!

Imagine looking back on your early parenting journey and knowing that you owned it. 

There is no guilt or regret, just an incredible relationship with your child based on mutual love and respect.

You have an unshakeable trust that you can handle anything that life throws at you and you have learned and equipped your child with everything they need to know, to become an inner driven, awesome human being.

Someone who loves, trusts and believes in themselves.

Someone who knows their worth.

It's going to be okay. You just forgot who you are.

Welcome back.

Help Me Raise a Tiger

"Rachel's course is the most well thought out, conscientious and all encompassing programme I have ever done, or will ever likely to need. It provides so much support and a wealth of professional knowledge, as well as personal experience to draw from. Above all though it's fun and includes my child in workshops, songs and exploring things together, alongside the time I put in to work on my relationship to myself as a mother. I really can't recommend it enough. Get with the programme. Raar!❣"

Michaela Hall
Single Mama of 1

The way your child thinks and feels about themselves and the world around them, before age 7, affects their whole lives

In this fully guided and transformational online 12 month container, you will:

  • Strengthen your relationship and build an everlasting bond
  • Learn how to parent with your child's mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing at heart
  • Encourage a growth mindset and a healthy sense of self 
  • Raise a child brimming with confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn about and introduce the internal world, through music and play based activities
  • Understand emotions and handle challenging behaviour in a way that feels amazing
  • Heal negative stories, trapped emotions and limiting beliefs and find your personal power
  • Encourage self awareness and empathy in your child
  • Understand and reduce fear based thoughts and over-thinking  
  • Learn how to trust in your inner voice 
  • Help your child understand their limitless nature and encourage them to create and live the life of their dreams 
  • Go from fear to love in all areas of your lives
  • Sow powerful seeds of self-belief into your child's developing subconscious mind.
  • Have a whole load of FUN!
Help Me Raise a Tiger

"It's literally the best thing I have ever done with my child."

Jordana Matsuda
Early Childhood Educator & Mama

The connection and relationship you have with yourself affects all other relationships, especially the one you have with your child. It is this connection, through self awareness exercises, strategies for wholehearted living and real time professional support for you as a parent, that forms the basis for this life changing programme.

Each parent development session combines with a selection of original pre-recorded activities for you to do together with your child. In this way, you deliver the same concepts you learn at a high level, to your child in a way that they can understand and remember forever. 

Music goes straight into the subconscious mind and it stays there ... like nothing else can


"I can't even remember what life was like before this experience, it's like I have been completely reprogrammed. If Moses had dished out a 13th Commandment and instead of honour your parents, it was honour your children, then this would be it. That's what this programme helps you do. It's liberating!"

Natasha Martineau
Adoptive Solo Mama

You promise me 15 minutes of your time, once or twice a week ... and I promise you a new way of life.

Some people find my work because they feel lost or are struggling with their parenting role. Others because their children are struggling with confidence. Many others find me because they're already interested in the world of personal growth and they just want to introduce these concepts to their children in a way that htye can understand.

Either way, the solution is the same, but perhaps the level of support is different.

This groundbreaking programme is based on 3 core principles.

The Power of Connection

The Power of Belief

The Power of Music

Research shows that fun-making and play with a loving parent or caregiver, strengthens attachment, so essential for the wellbeing and self esteem of the child. This increased connection also supercharges the learning taking place, strengthening the neural pathways so much more. Add in the power that music has to go straight into the subconscious mind and you will begin to see the incredible opportunity you hold to teach your child everything they need, to live to their full potential.


Help Me Raise a Tiger

"This is so much more than a parenting programme ... this is a prescription for living."

Josephine Glanville
Mama of 2


"Pre-School are super impressed with Alice's increased confidence recently and love the Air Guitar knee slides! We have one set of leggings put aside just for this dance move as they had a hole in after the first few attempts!"

Vicky Fitzgibbon - Mama of 2


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"It's like Wayne Dyer for kids. "

Aine Homer
The 'Baby Reflux Lady' & Mama of 2

Join me on this incredible journey to personal freedom and take your child with you!

Meet Rachel ...

Rachel Davis is the founder of the music-educational platform LaLa Tigers, TEDx Speaker, NLP Practitioner, songwriter and single mama of two. She writes original music and personal growth programmes, to increase confidence, wellbeing and inner strength in parents and younger children, for the greater good of all.

Music & fun is like learning on steroids!

'It takes 400 repetitions to build a new synapse in the brain, but only 12, when done with a feeling of joy and safety.'

(Dr Karyn Purvis - The Child Development Institute.)

"If you're looking for something to help you focus on your child's mental and emotional wellbeing, this is absolutely hands down the most incredible programme. It's completely life changing!"

Hannah Rose Robson
Holistic Life Coach & Mama of 2

Take a look inside ...


"The workbook alone is priceless! There's so many gems in there. I'm still absorbing it and letting them all sink in."

Ruth While
Tiger Mama of 1

What do I get?

In this fully supported 12 month connected parent / child experience you will get:

Monthly Group Parent Development Sessions with Founder, Rachel Davis   

Monthly Live Group Q & A with Founder, Rachel Davis

Monthly Group 'Parent Power Hour' Sessions with resident Psychologist and Children's Emotional Security Specialist, Una Archer 

Monthly Personal Energy Healings / Emotion Code Sessions for you to use at your discretion in your family, to release past trauma. negative stories and heal trapped emotions.

12 month access to The Raise a Tiger Programme - Over 40 original, NLP based music activities and workshops for you to do together with your child

Supporting Workbook which outlines the concepts covered in the programme in more detail, journalling questions and the space to capture your own self-realisations.

Printable Poster for your Fierce Family Mantra


Bonus Expert Workshops:

Personal Safety Workshop by Safety Net 

Body / Emotions Awareness by Balance Kids

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) For Children 

Mindfulness For Children Workshop 

The Real Cost of Screen Time 

Mindset for Parents with Hay House Author, TEDx Speaker & Mindset Mentor Suzy Ashworth 


 12 month access the FIERCE Facebook Group for additional trainings, accountability and support from your FIERCE Family!



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FIERCE is an inside job.

This fully supported 12 month programme uses a unique blend of coaching, increased parent / child connection and unparalleled parent support, to help you reclaim your Raarsome and raise a confident child who loves, trusts and believes in themselves.
Have fun together and sow the seeds of inner strength and self-belief, to last a lifetime. 
Suitable for parents with children ages around 2-7 years. No musical experience necessary.
Stop winging it.
Start owning it.
It's time to earn your stripes.
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1 Programme - 2 Levels of Depth & Support

The 'Raise a Tiger' Programme

Self Study Programme 

with Live Q&A

This is for you if you're great at implementing on your own, or perhaps you just don't want or need all of the support from Team Tiger's professional team.

What do I get?

Lifetime access to the Raise a Tiger Programme's pre-recorded training, music activities, workbook and bonus guest workshops.

Workbook & Poster to capture your own self realisations.

12 Month Access to the FIERCE Facebook Group (optional) for further trainings, accountability & support.

PLUS Bi-monthly Group Q & A Sessions with Founder, Rachel Davis. Ask direct questions and get specific answers for your own personal situation. 

Support sessions delivered UK term time only.

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The Fear to FIERCE Experience

Fully Supported Coaching Container 

Be guided through the programme in a small and intimate group, by Founder Rachel Davis and recieve  unparalleled, real time parent support from TeamTiger.'s resident professionals

What do I get?

Lifetime access to the Raise a Tiger Programme's pre-recorded training, music activities, workbook and bonus guest workshops.

Workbook & Poster to capture your own self realisations.

12 Month Access to the FIERCE Facebook Group (optional) for further trainings, accountability & support.

PLUS Bi-monthly Group Q & A Sessions with Founder, Rachel Davis. Ask direct questions and get specific answers and coaching, for your personal situation. 

PLUS  Monthly Parent Development Sessions with Founder, Rachel Davis

PLUS  Monthly Group Integration Sessions with resident Psychologist and Children's Emotional Security Specialist

PLUS 12 x Personal Energy Healing sessions with resident Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner  

PLUS 3 x Personal Coaching Session with Founder, Rachel Davis

Support sessions delivered UK term time only.

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