'Raise a Tiger'

Teaching mental & emotional wellbeing to parents and children through music and fun.

Suitable aged 2-7 years. No musical experience necessary.
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I'm so glad you found me.

So the world has gone to rats and uncertainty has become the new normal. Your kids are all over the place, you're reacting and your house looks like it's been burgled. 

Every. Freakin'. Day.

 You want to raise a strong and confident child. The kind of person who loves, trust & believes in themselves, who can go on to create a life of joy and purpose. Hell you want that for yourself, but where do you even start? Maybe your child  finds it hard to calm down, or follow simple instructions.  You're repeating yourself over and over, but nothing seems to work. 

You know there has to be a better way. Something more fun. Something more you.  

It's okay, you just forgot who you are.

Welcome back!  

"The 'Raise a Tiger' programme is literally the best thing I have EVER done with my child. It's helped to bring my son and I closer when working through problems together and it's improved our communication. During stressful times of the day we always have Rachel’s amazing songs to work with and as a mum my internal dialogue is so much calmer. Thank you Rachel - we love it!"

Jordana Matsuda
Early Literacy Specialist

You promise me 15 minutes of your time once or twice a week ... and I promise you a new way of life.

The Raise a Tiger Programme is an intentional journey of bitesized original music sessions, tips and strategies for parenting,  combined with Bonus Expert Workshops & Interviews to inspire parents and empower your child to live to their full potential.  Have fun with your child and sow the seeds of confidence and self-belief in your child's subconscious mind. 

In this programme you will:

  • Have a whole load of FUN!
  • Strengthen your relationship and build an everlasting bond, essential for their self esteem.
  • Set a strong parenting intention and develop a FIERCE Family Mantra to live by.
  • Learn how music and play can transform difficult moments of stress into fun, love and connection.
  • Teach your child about thoughts and emotions and learn how to handle difficult behaviour positively.
  • Increase self awareness and understanding in yourself and your child.
  • Encourage your child to listen to their body and trust their inner voice.
  • Instil a positive mindset in your child's subconscious mind.
  • Introduce concepts such as gratitude and mindfulness to your child in a fun way that will stay with them forever.
  • Encourage a healthy sense of self and increase your child's confidence and self-belief.

"Pre-School are super impressed with Alice's increased confidence recently and love the Air Guitar knee slides! We have one set of leggings put aside just for this dance move as they had a hole in after the first few attempts!"

Vicky Fitzgibbon - Tiger Mama of 2


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"It's a bit like Wayne Dyer for kids. There are so many amazing messages and lessons in there, that if I'd had them as a kid, I think life would have been much, much easier, because I would have been more in control of my own emotions and understanding myself a lot more."

Aine Homer
The Baby Reflux Lady & Tiger Mama of 2

Take a look inside ...


"This is more than just a music programme ... it's a prescription for living."

Josephine Glanville
Tiger mama of 2

You will get:

 Access to the programme's original music activities, worksheets, expert workshops and FIERCE Facebook Group.  The programme includes self realisation questions for you the parent, positive parenting tips, songs for getting ready, bedtimes, separation anxiety, understanding thoughts and feelings, the power of the present moment, imagination, trusting the inner vision,  gratitude, choosing happiness, mindset, confidence and courage.  

PLUS Bonus Guest Expert Workshops on:

Encouraging Independence in the home

Personal Safety and Self Awareness

Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) for children


Imagination - The Real Cost of Screen Time


Poster for your FIERCE family mantra

"Certificate of Raarsomeness"  for your child on completion

Should you work through the programme at the suggested rate of 1 workshop per week, the current programme will take 6 months to complete. There is no obligation and subscription may be stopped at any time. 

"If you are looking for something to allow you connect with your children and create some space for you to come together, to have fun and focus on your children's mental and emotional wellbeing, this is absolutely hands down THE most incredible programme. It's life changing."

Hannah Rose Robson
Holistic Life Coach & Tiger Mama of 2

So you want to raise a Tiger?

Well FIERCE is an inside job ...

The online musical programme, that helps parents raise strong, resilient children who are honest, kind and brave.  
Suitable for ages 2-7 years - No musical experience necessary.
Stop winging it.
Start owning it.
It's time to earn your stripes.
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