Raise a Tiger

"The intentional parenting programme that increases confidence and worthiness through a unique blend of music, NLP and increased connection."

This programme is for parents of children aged 2-7 who want to give their children the gift of self belief, confidence and self awareness, whilst having a whole heap of fun.  No musical experience necessary.

An interactive and incredible journey of original bite sized music activities, practical strategies and hand picked Guest Expert workshops and interviews to give you a deeper understanding of your child's experience and encourage an ethos of confidence and self belief in your child.

Combining the power of music, the power of suggestion and a deeper understanding of your child's experience to encourage self connection, self esteem, courage and self belief in your child, whilst their belief systems are forming.  

In this programme you will:

Strengthen your relationship and build an everlasting bond.

Learn how compassion & empathy will completely transform your parenting.

Learn powerful strategies and language for dealing with difficult behaviour. 

Gain a deeper understanding of your child's experience.

Increase worthiness and self esteem in your child.

Learn how music can teach in way that simply nothing else can.

Instil an ethos of courage and self belief in your child.

Ease the morning stress of getting ready in a fun way.

Learn how to calm them down for bed and help them cope with difficult feelings.

Increase self awareness.

Teach your child essential safety lessons.

Learn how to RESPOND in alignment with your personal values, instead of REACT.

Learn how to transform moments of stress into moments of love and connection.

Understand difficult emotions underlying behaviours and how to handle them calmly.

Encourage independence and teamwork in the home.

Increase self-esteem and self awareness in your child

Encourage a growth and limitless mindset.

Turn everyday chores into opportunities for joy.

Utilise screen time as a positive instrument to increase connection

Define and use your own FIERCE Parenting Mantra for use in any situation.

Introduce concepts such as mindfulness and meditation to your children.

Sew the seeds of self love and courage in your child's unconscious mind.

Have a whole load of FUN!






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