Tiger's Time Challenge

If you are bored of your own voice in the mornings, you are going to LOVE this little bad boy of a mini-music course I've put together for you.

In the Tiger's Time Challenge, you will save time, reduce stress, increase confidence in your child and most importantly turn those moments of Aaaaarrggh into moments of Raaaaaar! 

Here's what you get:

  • A music workshop to get them to put their shoes & coats on in 5 seconds without nagging. Once they've learned it, you won't even have to tell them anymore - all you have to do is play the song. #winning
  • A music workshop to help them brush their teeth for a whole 2 minutes.
  • A music  workshop that teaches them how to stop so they can be safe when walking / scootering to school, or nursery.
  • A video music workshop and activity for separation anxiety for when you are dropping them off, that can also be used for bedtimes.

It's time to get Raarsome people,

Come and PLAY!


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Learn how music can teach your children ANYTHING