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In the Tiger's Time Challenge, you will save time, reduce stress, have fun and most importantly... turn those moments of Aaaaarrggh into moments of Raaaaaar! 

Here's what you get:

  • A video workshop and song to get them to put their shoes & coats on in 5 seconds without nagging #fact!
  • A video workshop and song to help them brush their teeth for a whole 2 minutes  #winning!
  • A video workshop and fun jumping song that teaches them how to stop so they can be safe when walking / scootering to school, or nursery. #epic!
  • A video workshop and song for separation anxiety / dropping them off, that can also be used for bedtimes. #amazing!
Take the Challenge for free HERE - Come and PLAY!

"My daughter runs to find her coat and shoes and puts them on faster than I ever thought was possible. Most importantly, it's fun!"

Una Archer

Are you a parent of children aged 2-7yrs?

Do you feel overwhelmed with juggling the demands of everyday life and trying to find moments of true joy and connection with your child, whilst also teaching them how to be amazing people?

You know you're doing THE most important job on the planet, but most days it just doesn't feel like it.  Parenting is so much harder than you thought it would be and you feel like a bomb has gone off in your life.   Maybe your child struggles with strong emotions, or with self esteem and you're unsure how to deal with or help them.  Or maybe your child sometimes finds it hard to listen, calm down or follow simple instructions.  You know there has to be a better way to reach them....and you're right. There is.

See how the awesome power of music can empower your child to achieve pretty much ANYTHING!

Take The Tiger's Time Challenge For Free - Come and Play

"Rachel is a brilliant musician and a great performer - she delivered workshops for us at Elderflower Fields festival last year and was an instant smash hit! Check her out! High energy, silly, fun, soothing & calming - what's not to love??!"

Al Start
Director of GO Kid Music

Rachel Davis is the founder of the music-educational platform LaLa Tigers, an NLP Practitioner, musician and a Tiger Mama of two. She writes music to increase emotional wellbeing and self beilef in children.

Rachel is fascinated by the unconscious  mind and how the belief systems that we form in the first 7 years of our lives go on to shape the rest of it, mostly subconsciously …and how these can both influenced and supercharged by music and increased connection in families.

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"The "Raise a Tiger" programme is literally the best thing I have EVER done with my child. It's helped to bring my son and I closer when working through problems together and it's improved our communication. During stressful times of the day we always have Rachel’s amazing songs to work with and as a mum my internal dialogue is so much calmer. Thank-you Rachel - we love it!"

Jordana Matsuda
Early Literacy Specialist

So you want to raise a Tiger?

Because FIERCE is an inside job...

The Raise a Tiger Programme is an intentional parenting programme that focuses on mental and emotional wellness, through a unique blend of music, NLP and increased connection.

This online programme is for parents of children aged 2-7yrs who want to understand and connect with their child, deepen their emotional understanding, whilst being intentional about instilling messages of courage and self belief in their young children's minds. A deliberate journey of original music activities, challenges & expert 3rd party workshops to take you as a parent from Frazzled to Fierce and also turn your Cubs into Tigers.  Have fun with your child and sew the seeds of inner strength and confidence to last a lifetime.

It's time to earn your stripes.

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