"If Music Be The Food Of Love, Feed It To Your Kids"

Parents...You hold in your hands the most incredible opportunity to shape a child's mind. 

And a mind can shape a life.

And a life can shape a world.

Hey Mama

You used to have it all right?  Time, money, the chance to have a wee on your own. But now what you have is kids... and a house that looks like it's been burgled every...single...day.

You know you're doing THE most important job on the planet, but most days it just doesn't feel like it.  You're drowning in the overwhelm and you're losing your cool.  Parenting is SO much harder than you thought it would be, I mean, where's the freakin' unicorn right?

You're trying to juggle the never ending demands of life and children, but there's a little voice deep down inside you that says that maybe there has to be a better way.  You want to be the very best parent you can be and have a great relationship with your child. You want to raise an emotionally healthy, happy and awesome human being, who loves themselves. Somebody who can listen to and trust their inner voice and that has real faith in their abilities. The kind of person that can stand out in a world full of clones.  

Hell, you want that for yourself...but where do you even start? 

Your child sometimes finds it difficult to calm down or follow simple instructions and you don't know how to help them.  You're repeating yourself over...and over...and you feel like smashing your head up against a brick wall.  They struggle with low self esteem or confidence.  Or they feel the need to be perfect and find it difficult to make mistakes.  Sometimes their emotions are so strong and it's pushing all your buttons. This is just not the way you thought it would be and you want to be a better parent. The parent you know you can be. Underneath all the stuff. 

You're ready for a change and you know there has to be a better way.  Something that lights you up. Something more fun.  Something more you. 

It's ok.  You just forgot who you are.  

Welcome back!

See how the awesome power of music can empower your child to achieve pretty much ANYTHING!  And this is just the beginning.

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"The "Raise a Tiger" programme is literally the best thing I have EVER done with my child. It's helped to bring my son and I closer when working through problems together and it's improved our communication. During stressful times of the day we always have Rachel’s amazing songs to work with and as a mum my internal dialogue is so much calmer. Thank-you Rachel - we love it!"

Jordana Matsuda
Early Literacy Specialist

Rachel Davis is the founder of the music-educational platform LaLa Tigers, an NLP Practitioner, musician and a Tiger Mama of two. She writes music to increase confidence & emotional wellbeing in children aged 2-7 yrs.

Rachel is fascinated by the unconscious  mind and how the belief systems that we form in the first 7 years of our lives go on to shape the rest of it, mostly subconsciously …and how these can be influenced by music. By increasing attachment and teaching valuable life wisdoms through fun and music,  Rachel encourages parents to own their parenting journey and raise children who love, trust and believe in themselves.

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"Rachel is a brilliant musician and a great performer - she delivered workshops for us at Elderflower Fields festival last year and was an instant smash hit! Check her out! High energy, silly, fun, soothing & calming - what's not to love??!"

Al Start
Director of GO Kid Music

So do you want to raise a Tiger?

Because FIERCE is an inside job...

The Raise a Tiger Programme is an intentional parenting programme that focuses on teaching mental and emotional wellbeing, through a unique blend of music, NLP and increased attachment.

This online programme is for parents of children aged 2-7yrs who want to connect with their child, deepen their  understanding of their internal world of thoughts and feelings, whilst instilling messages of courage and self belief in their young children's minds. A deliberate journey of original music activities, challenges & expert 3rd party workshops to inspire parents and empower children.  Have fun with your child and sew the seeds of confidence and self belief to last a lifetime.

Stop winging it.   Start owning it.
It's time to earn your stripes.

Next Enrolment opens February 10th 2020

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