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With "The Tiger's Time Challenge!"

Help me transform my mornings

This groundbreaking online connected parenting course is for parents who want to get their kids out of the door, without losing their shizzle! 

Does your child struggle with following simple instructions? Are you repeating yourself over ... and over, but nothing seems to work? Are you bored of your own voice, or worse still you're shouting, and then spending the rest of the day feeling guilty?

This incredible online programme combines Neuro Linguistic Programming with the incredible powers of music and play, to turn challenging situations in to fun love and connection.

Learn the power reframing, play and music to reach children where words fail and sing and dance all the way to school, nursery, or wherever really!

Suitable for ages 2-9 years


"This course is AMAZING! It's literally transformed our mornings!"

Josephine Glanville
Mama of 2

Shoes & coats on in 5 seconds!

I mean how hard is it just to put your shoes on?

Not any more!


Hep me transform my mornings

"My daughter runs to find her coat and puts her shoes on faster than I ever thought possible. It's complete genius!"

Una Archer

In this online course you will:

  • Improve your relationship, essential for your child's self-esteem
  • Learn how to reframe challenging moments into love, fun and connection.
  • Learn how to use language for the best outcome for all.
  • Increase your child's independence, confidence and self-esteem.
  • Encourage yourself and your child to become solution focussed.
  • Learn how to reach your children where words often fail.

The Tiger's Time Challenge includes 5 Original NLP based music workshops, to help you approach those stressful mornings in a 'Raarsome' new way PLUS Bonus Workshop, 'Increasing Independence in the Home,' from Best Selling Author of 'Montessori Inspired Activities for Pre-Schoolers,' Jo Ebisujima PLUS an awesome workbook to help parents use language for best effect, create win / win situations and reframe difficult situations into love, fun and connection.


"Rachel, I've just watched your workshop, bloody hell woman I love you! I can't wait to do this later with my kids!"

Jennie Harrison
Energy Healer, Transformation Coach & Mama of 2

Watch This Video

If singing Twinkle Twinkle makes you want to stick pins in your eyes ... repeatedly ... I made this for you!


Come and PLAY!


"Last night I told George, 'Pick Up Your Pants!' He remembered all the words and he was SO happy! He picked up his things AND we had a boogie. "

Justine Desmond
Mama of 2

Teeth Brushing

Not only does this song work, it's seriously banging. Grab your toothbrush and dig out your dancing shoes. You might be a parent, but you're not dead yet, right?

Help me transform my mornings

"This is brilliant and the kids love it. They want to make a song for you!"

Katy Furnival
Founder of Inner Balance Kenesiology & Mama of 2

Is this your life?

Tidying up will never be so much fun! Pants, socks, toys - you can use this for EVERYTHING!

Grown-UPs. you will LOVE this one, it's epic and it works on partners too. #justsayin'

Help me transform my mornings

"OMG, the workbook is AMAZING! There are so many gems in there, I'm still soaking it all in!"

Ruth While

They love jumping ...

But they also scare the living daylights out of you, every time they go anywhere near a road when they're running around or on their scooters. This epic rock workshop will help teach road them some basic safety, along with an awesome air guitar solo. Plus it burns calories. Winning.

"I wish I'd found you sooner, this is a game changer. "

Kasia Borek
Mama of 2

Separation Anxiety

This beautiful workshop pairs an original song with an amazing NLP exercise, to fill them up with love whenever you have to leave them anywhere. Perfect for dropping them off at school or nursery and for bedtimes. 

Help me transform my mornings

"The first time we practiced, she just looked at me with a smile and said, 'Again!' "

Elizabeth Moraff
Marketing & Communications Mgr & Mama of 1

Teach your child how to:

  • Brush their teeth for 2 whole minutes, whilst dancing to music that doesn't make you want to stick pins in your eyes. #winning
  • Get their shoes & coats on in 5 seconds without even saying a word. #fact
  • Pick up their flipping pants! #worksonpartnerstoo
  • Stop and be safe when walking / scootering near roads #epic
  • Look forward to drop offs and bedtimes  with an amazing technique and song to ease separation anxiety, that can also be used for bedtimes. #amazing
  • Focus on solutions, essential for their mental health
  • Believe that they CAN!
  • PLUS - How to encourage their confidence by increasing their independence with a Bonus Guest Workshop from Montessori best selling author, JoJo Ebisujima

Stop shouting, start singing and turn those moments of Aargh into moments of Raar!  


Meet Rachel ...

Rachel Davis is the founder of the music-educational platform LaLa Tigers, TEDx Speaker, NLP Practitioner, Parent Transformation Coach, Songwriter and Tiger Mama of two. She writes original music workshops and intentional parenting programmes to increase connection, confidence and wellbeing in families with younger children.

Help me transform my mornings!

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