Rachel Davis

TEDx Speaker / Musician / NLP Practitioner / Mama

"Music has the most amazing ability to go straight into the unconscious mind. And it stays in ... like nothing else can."

Rachel Davis is the founder of LaLa Tigers, an NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and a passionate speaker for using music ti increase mental & emotional wellbeing in families with younger children.  She lives in Brighton with her two children

"Whilst growing up, my Dad was a keen musician and the house was always full of wonderful instruments. I begged my parents for lessons at 4 years old, began lessons soon after and wrote my first song at 15.  With music not being considered a serious career at that time, I was encouraged to use my mind in other areas, but when my children came along, I knew I wanted to do something more fulfilling that could also work around the needs of my young family.  Music seemed the obvious choice and so I began delivering interactive music sessions to under 5's and their carers in Brighton, which I did successfully for 6 years. 

In 2014, my life completely collapsed when the loss of my father and some profound experiences in the months after his death, gave me the courage and perspective to finally leave a long-term marriage that was not serving myself and my children.  I found myself bringing up two children alone and helping us all recover from our experiences. I turned to techniques such as meditation and yoga as a way to cope with the fear and anxiety that had dominated my life and in doing so, found strength and courage that I never knew existed. These experiences went on to transform my life and greatly affected how I wanted to show up in it.  I became fascinated with the invisible world of thoughts and feelings and retrained in NLP & Hypnotherapy.

After discovering by chance that music would reach my children, where often my words failed, I began using music to help my kids out with little jobs around the house, but they worked so quickly, I realised that I also had the most incredible opportunity to teach my children about the power of their minds, feelings and universal law - the things that had ultimately changed my life,  all through music, which as now become my life's work.

As the founder of musical educational platform, LaLa Tigers, Rachel takes her personal experiences of fear, her understanding of the power of the mind and combines them beautifully with her creativity and passion for music. Her work and music has helped increase mental and emotional wellbeing and confidence in thousands of families all over the world. She helps parents connect more with their children, whilst planting powerful seeds of self love and personal growth in young children's minds. 

You can find Rachel's ever growing library of songs for children on all major digital providers, under the artist name of LaLa Tiger's.

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