Rachel Davis

TEDx Speaker / Musician / NLP Practitioner / Mama

Music has the most amazing ability to go straight into the unconscious mind.. and it stays in...like nothing else can.

Hi, my name is Rachel Davis. I'm a musician, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, speaker and mama to 2 incredible boys who have inspired my life's work. I live in Brighton with my 2 boys and I LOVE music.  My Dad was was a musician and I began learning piano aged 5, writing my first song at 15. I had a successful corporate career for many years, but after having my two children, I knew I needed something more flexible that could work around the needs of my young family. But I also wanted to do something I loved.  I decided to follow my lifelong passion for music and I began delivering live music sessions to under 5's and their carers in a local church hall, which I did in Brighton for over 6 years.

But following tragic loss of half of my family and the escape from a 10 year marriage that was not serving us,  I found myself emotionally broken, alone and trapped in my head with 2 young children who needed everything from me, but I was lost and overwhelmed. I turned within as a way to deal with my racing thoughts and feelings of hopelessness and in doing so, found strength and courage I never knew existed.  With time and practise I began to learn that I could choose which thoughts and feelings I wanted to experience and to focus my mind only on what I wanted in order to create a new life.  I focused on healing myself and did deep emotional work to heal my wounds and allow me to step into the bigger vision that I had for myself. I learned the power of the present, how to push through fear and write myself a new story and in doing so, completely transformed my life.  I became fascinated with the invisible world of thoughts and feelings and retrained in NLP & Hypnotherapy.

At the time and because of our experiences, one of my children found it difficult to listen, or even follow simple instructions, so getting out of the house or calming him down was really hard. Then one day, whilst I was trying to get him to put his shoes on, a song came on the radio...and he just started singing it.  It was real penny drop moment. The song had gone straight in, where my words had failed to reach him and I realised I'd found a way in.  So initially I started writing songs just to help him out with little jobs, like brushing his teeth, getting his shoes on and calming him down for bed.   But they worked so quickly that I realised that if I could use music to get them to put their shoes on, I could also use music to teach them much more important things, like how to be happy and to trust themselves.  I could teach them how to understand and manage their own crazy world of thoughts and feelings. I could teach them how to push through fear and create a life of purpose and joy. I could teach them all the lessons I had learned on my own journey from fear into love. So I put everything I'd learned into songs for children and combined them with the powerful strategies I had learned on my journey back to fierce, to help women reclaim themselves, write a new story and in turn become become the parents and people they really wanted to be, whilst teaching these same concepts to their children in a way that they would understand. A way that would increase the connection between them and in a way that would a way that would stay with them forever.  

Through fun and music.  

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