Rachel Davis

TEDx Speaker / Musician / Mama

"Music has the amazing ability to go straight into the unconscious mind. It goes in... and stays in... like nothing else can."

Are you a parent of children of 2-7yrs?

Do you feel overwhelmed with juggling the demands of everyday life and trying to find moments of true joy and connection with your child, whilst also teaching them how to be amazing people?

You know you're doing THE most important job on the planet, but most days it just doesn't feel like it.  Parenting is so much harder than you thought it would be and you feel like a bomb has gone off in your life... I mean...where the flipping unicorn right?   Maybe your child struggles with strong emotions or has problems with confidence or self esteem and you're unsure how to deal with or help them.  Maybe your child sometimes finds it hard to listen, calm down or follow simple instructions and you feel like you are repeating yourself over...and over...and over.. and with the constant demands on your life and time, you just can't see the wood for the trees. 

It's ok.  You just forgot who you are.  Welcome back!

You love music and fun and are crawling the walls for something worthwhile to do with your child, that you know will help them understand and listen to themselves, increase their confidence and self-esteem but also doesn't bore you stupid.

Singing Baa Baa Black Sheep makes you want to gouge your own eyes with a ball point pen and the thought of the average singalong groups fills you with read or with time demands you can't get to one anyway. 

You want to teach your children valuable life skills and build a lifelong connection. You want to raise a tiger...a fierce human who trusts and believes in themselves and you know there has to be a better way. Something more fun.

Something more you...

Hi, my name is Rachel Davis.  I'm a musician, an NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and a full-time single mama to 2.  I delivered interactive live music sessions to children and their carers in the UK for over 6 years, but following some profound life experiences,  I now combine the power of music with the power of the mind to increase connection in families and help parents ease difficult moments, understand and have fun with their children, all whilst instilling intentional messages of courage and self-belief in your children.

To see how it works, you can take the Tiger's Time Challenge for FREE below and see how music can have you singing and dancing all the way to work, or nursery, or school... or wherever really. 


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