Rachel Davis

TEDx Speaker / Musician / NLP Practitioner / Mama

"Music has the amazing ability to go straight into the unconscious mind. It goes in... and stays in... like nothing else can."

Rachel Davis is a musician, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and a mama to 2 incredible boys.  Music was her first love and she started learning piano aged 5 and wrote her first song at 15. Rachel had a successful corporate career for 20 years, but after having her two children, she knew she needed something that would work around her children. She decided to follow her lifelong passion for music and set up a business delivering live music sessions to children under 5, which she did in the UK for over 6 years.

After losing half her family,  Rachel found the strength to leave her difficult situation that was not serving herself or her children and she found herself all but broken and bringing up 2 children alone. With everything she had thought to be real gone, she turned within as a way to cope.  She began to find the present moment and discovered strength she never realised she had. She started to work on her negative thoughts and feeling and began to realise that she could indeed become anything she wanted. She became fascinated with the unconscious mind and the power she had found to completely transform her life. She retrained in NLP, Hypnotherapy and started to use music to help her children with little jobs around the house, but they worked so quickly, that she realised she could also use music to teach children much the more powerful lessons she had learned about life, in a way that would go in and stay in.  

Rachel now help parents and children find their confidence and understand their internal worlds of thoughts and feelings through a unique blend of music and creativity, so that they can find their own personal freedom.  By increasing attachment and combining her experiences and knowledge of the mind with the power of music,  Rachel increases connection in families, helps parents understand and manage difficult feelings and behaviour, whist instilling intentional messages of worthiness and self belief in the unconscious minds of the next generation.

You can get an online music workshop for FREE by clicking the link down below and see for yourself how music can teach your child to achieve pretty much anything.  

The process was simple. First teach them to pick up their pants and achieve little things. 

Then teach them they are limitless.

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