Una Archer, Psychologist, Child Emotional Security Specialist & Tiger Mama of 2


"I can't even remember what life was like before this experience, it's like I have been completely reprogrammed. If Moses had dished out a 13th Commandment and instead of honour your parents, it was honour your children, then this would be it. That's what this programme helps you do. It's liberating!"

Adoptive Mama of 1

"It's the most magical mix of strategy, personal development and nurturing support in what feels like an incredibly safe place, with a wonderful group of like minded parents. The content is laced with gold throughout and the programme builds and builds in power as it progresses. It's completely transformational. I have learned so much about myself and I am much more loving, more connected and more present as a mother as a result. I just can't recommend it enough!"

Solo Mama of Twins

"The content is GOLD and the presentation is exceptional. I’m getting so much from the sessions. I can’t really even put it in to words how I’m feeling. Lighter of spirit, forgiving of myself and others, empathetic of the pain people hold in their heart, like warped security blankets... It’s like I’m starting to see things, people and situations through a brighter lens... one that is passing less judgement, and that is more accepting. I feel so grateful for this precious new family."

Sheron Boddy
Mama of 1

"Rachel's course is the most well thought out, conscientious and all encompassing programme I have ever done or will ever likely to need! It provides so much support and a wealth of professional knowledge, as well as personal experience to draw from. Above all though it's fun and includes my child in workshops, songs and exploring things together, alongside the time I put in to work on my relationship to myself as a mother. I really can't recommend it enough. Get with the programme. Raar!❣"

Michaela Hall
Single Mama of 1

"It's literally the best thing I have EVER done with my child. It's helped to bring my son and I closer when working through problems together and it's improved our communication. During stressful times of the day, we always have Rachel’s amazing songs to work with and, as a mum, my internal dialogue is so much calmer. Thank you, Rachel - we love it!"

Early Literacy Specialist & Mama of 1

Jordana Matsuda - Early Literacy Specialist


"If you are looking for something to allow you connect with your children and create some space for you to come together, to have fun and focus on both yours and your children's mental and emotional wellbeing, this is absolutely hands down THE most incredible programme. It's life changing."

Hannah Rose Robson
Women's Emotional Wellness Coach & Founder of The Breathe Academy

Sammy Lai, Mama

The thing I love about this programme, is that you're not just investing in a course, you're also investing in an intimate support group of like-minded parents. The healing sessions with Iren are far more powerful than any counselling or therapy in my experience ... the Psychology sessions with Una really give you time to reflect on what is happening in your own individual situation and Rachel is really active in the group. This is perfect for you if you feel maybe you don't have the parenting tools, perhaps because the way you were parented, isn't what you'd like to pass onto your children. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be the very best version of themselves.


"Parents have been praying for an answer like this... Rachel's programme is a life changer for any child, especially those who are 'busy' or distracted. . She's lived what she teaches which is one reason she's so relatable, and she's found a way to support children that has opened up a whole new world for them. . I discovered Rachel Davis a few months ago and what she does for parents is nothing short of a bloody miracle."

Jusine Dean
Women's Coach & Mentor

Hannah Rose Robson - Emotional Wellness Coach


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"Having initially signed up to the Raise a Tiger programme I’m now doing 1:1 coaching with Rachel. The support I’ve received from Rachel has been invaluable, both for me as a parent and for me as ‘me’. My son was singing ‘Listen to your body’ in the bath tonight...and he’s requested a tiger for Christmas! I can’t recommend Rachel and La La Tigers highly enough. "

Sara Rowland
Tiger Mama of 1

Aine Homer - The 'Baby Reflux Lady'


"The Fear to FIERCE Experience is just incredible. I can't even articulate how much it has helped me and my son (who was 8yrs old when we joined,) because it has helped us in so many ways. I feel more able to handle anything that life throws at me and I'm so grateful to have been a part of it. If you want to feel more confidence in yourself and your parenting and improve the bond you share with your children I would highly recommend this course. It brings out the best in both myself and my son. Just do it! "

Claire Irvine
Mama of 1

"We LOVE Raindrops! We sing it a little while after teatime, just before going upstairs to bed. Such a lovely video!"

Charlotte Wallace

"Rachel is a brilliant musician and a great performer - she delivered workshops for us (@GoKidMusic) at Elderflower Fields festival last year and was an instant smash hit! Check her out! High energy, silly, fun, soothing and calming - what's not to love??!"

Al Start
Director of GO Kid Music

"The first time we practiced, she just looked at me with a huge smile and said, 'Again!' "

Elizabeth Moraff
Marketing & Communications Manager & Mama of 1

"Iren is incredibly supportive. She is able to hold a wonderfully nurturing intuitive space (even over zoom.) She gently works with you in a deeply respectful way allowing knots in the psyche to be acknowledged & released in what feels like a sacred & honouring process. Powerful stuff 💜 I've worked with therapists in the past but nothing has come close to the healing I've experienced with Iren even after just 2 sessions"

Michaela Linden on Iren's Sessions in Fear to FIERCE
Mama of 1

"Rachel, you have become very popular with my boys! Last night they absolutely loved doing 'Raindrops, Raindrops', and when Jude woke up this morning, he asked for it again! Such a lovely workshop and it really made a fab change to our bedtime routine. Thank you!"

Hannah Rose Robson
Emotional Wellness Coach & Mama of 2

"Rachel, I am so blown away by your 'Raindrops' workshop. As soon as it started ... I cried! It's SO beautiful. Such a special track and moment to have with your child - my 4 year old and I had so much fun with it. I can't wait to see what comes next!"

Carly Brown
Marketing Assistant & Mama of 1

"I'm so inspired and encouraged by all of the music sessions, always so much fun and really innovative. They leave me smiling as much as my son and we're still singing the songs now! Thanks for helping me become the mum I want to be."

Kat Torbell
Occupational Therapist & Mama

"The kids LOVE it! They want to make a song for you!"

Katy Furnival
Founder of Inner Balance Kinesiology & Mama of 2

"The workbook is AMAZING! So many gems in there. I'm still absorbing them all and letting it all sink in."

Ruth While
Mama of 1

Natasha, Solo Adoptive Mother of 1

Natasha talks about her experiences since The Fear to FIERCE Experience with her daughter.