'Inspiring Confidence and Self-Belief in Children With Music'

In her thought provoking and entertaining talk at TEDx Folkestone, Rachel explains how the programming we receive during the first 7 years of life is used to run the rest of our lives, on a largely unconscious basis.

Music has the ability to go straight into the subconscious mind and stay there, Rachel shows us how we can combine this knowledge with attachment theory, to increase the connection between parents and children, improve mental and emotional wellbeing in families and nurture a growth mindset in our children. 

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Speaking ...

Rachel is a passionate and entertaining speaker who is available to speak or guest on podcasts on a variety of topics. Intentional parenting, parent and child wellbeing, how they are connected and how to introduce children to their internal worlds whilst connecting them with their caregivers, through the incredible power of music.

  • Shape Your Child's Mind with Music: How the vehicle of music can be used to impact belief systems in children, helping them to live to their full potential.
  • If Music be the Food of Love: How increased connection and music can be used, to teach mental / emotional wellbeing and personal growth to families with younger children, for the good of all.
  • The Woman, The Boy and The Butterfly: Rachel's personal story of transformation, leading to the birth of the Raise a Tiger Programme and her life's work.
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"Rachel has run workshops at a number of our Early Childcare events, both virtually and in-person. Each time she has delivered fantastically engaging sessions which have been both filled with fun and high energy, and been enormously touching and emotional. But what has stood out is Rachel’s passion for making a difference to children’s lives through her work. Even within the 45-minute sessions at our events, attendees were able to learn from Rachel valuable lessons to help improve the mental and emotional health of children in their care. If you are looking for someone to deliver a positive, inspiring and moving session then look no further."

Andrea Howell
Project Manager, Broadway Events

Early Childcare & Education Expo

Teaching Well-Being & Personal Growth, to Educators & Children with Muisc


Learn how you can bring well-being and personal growth into your Early Years setting by booking a free clarity call, or filling out the contact form below.


"Rachel spoke at an event I ran for International Women's Day. She brought an instant positive energy which lit up the whole screen and I'm so grateful. She spoke with passion, insight and proof and our audience really enjoyed her talk, remaining engaged throughout. Rachel really knows her stuff! I highly recommend her as a speaker. Thanks Rachel, it was brilliant to work with you."

Rachael Dines
Director - Shake it UP Creative

One-to-One Coaching & VIP Fear to FIERCE Experience.

As a fully accredited NLP Practitioner, Coach, Hypnotherapist, Timeline© Therapist and a full time single parent of two boys, Rachel combines her personal experiences with practical strategies and gentle guidance, to help you break out of limiting beliefs, reframe negative situations and open your mind to exciting new possibilities.

Sessions can be booked individually or in multiple blocks. To discuss your situation in more detail, please book a free clarity call below.

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"Rachel spoke at our Shattering Stereotypes Event and she was fantastic! So engaging to listen to and so inspiring, with some brilliant stories to tell. I learnt so much from her and want to learn more!"

Mo Kanjilal
Co-Creator @ Watch This Space

Bespoke Music Workshops and Training For Early Childhood Education, Carers & Therapists

Rachel and is available to deliver bespoke music workshops, seminars and training for early childcare providers, educational settings and private clients. The 'Raise a Tiger' Programme, currently aimed at parents,  is being customised for use in early education. Please us the contact form below if you would like to find out more.


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Mental & Emotional Well-Being with Music

Helping educators learn how we can teach children about their inner worlds with connection, play and music.