The Raise a Tiger Programme V.I.P. Experience

The intentional parenting programme to increase confidence, self belief & mental and emotional wellbeing in both parents and children, through a unique blend of music, fun and NLP.

This V.I.P Experience version of the parenting programme combines self work with original music activities, practical strategies and hand picked Guest Expert workshops to help you find your personal power and give you a deeper understanding of your child's experience

This personal experience gives all the access of the lower offers, such as access to the Fierce Facebook for all the fun, challenges and extra community support as you go through the programme & our Live Psychology Workshop, "Parenting with Less Drama," but it also gives:

8 x Personal Coaching Sessions with Rachel Davis - Founder,  NLP Practitioner, Coach & Hypnotherapist

A personal 60 minute session with our resident Psychologist, Una Archer

A personal EFT session with Jo Picken, Child EFT Specialist

4 x Personal Emotion Code Sessions - 2 for you and 2 for your child.

Your coaching calls will give you the ability to discuss personal situations & gain a much deeper understanding of the programme's materials and concepts from the founder, Rachel Davis. Calls will be recorded and filed for all.

Coaching sessions will be delivered over Zoom at an agreed time convenient for both parties.

 In this programme, you and your child will:

  • Clarify and learn how to act in alignment with your core personal values.
  • Set a strong parenting intention & develop a family mantra to live by.
  • Strengthen your relationship, essential for your child's self esteem.
  • Discover how compassion and empathy will transform your parenting.
  • Unleash your personal power and teach your child how to do the same.
  • Learn the power of the present moment and how to respond instead of react.
  • Understand the internal world of thoughts and feelings
  • Understand your own limiting beliefs and how they keep you trapped
  • Encourage a healthy sense of self and worthiness in your child.
  • Discover the importance of internal state and how to choose happiness
  • Learn how to release negative trapped emotions & encourage whole heartedness
  • Understand language and how to use it for the best outcome.
  • Learn how to reframe difficult situations in order to move forwards
  • Encourage your child to live to their full potential.
  • Discover powerful strategies for handling difficult behaviour
  • Learn how to push through fear and trust yourself
  • Sew powerful messages of self belief and limitless potential into their developing minds, as their belief systems are forming.
  • Have a whole load of FUN!

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