The Fear to FIERCE Experience!

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The 12 month connected parent / child experience to increase mental & emotional health, confidence and self belief in both parents and children under 7 includes:

Lifetime access to The Raise a Tiger Programme. Over 50 Original Music Workshops, Interviews & Activities to transform your parenting and your life. Increase your connection and your child's mental & emotional wellbeing, teach your child how to create and live the life of their dreams and have a whole load of FUN!

Monthly Group Parent Development Trainings with Transformational Parent Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist & Founder of LaLa Tigers, Rachel Davis, 

Monthly Live Q & A  with Rachel Davis

Monthly Emotional Security Power Hours held by resident Psychologist, Una Archer, a specialist in children's emotional security.

12 x Personal Energy Healing Sessions for healing trapped emotions, with our resident energy healer and Emotion Code Practitioner, Iren Vedadi.

Be guided through the Raise a Tiger Programme with coaching on language, emotions, behaviour, self awareness, subconscious programming and growth mindset. Discuss your personal situations & gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your child. Calls will be recorded and filed for your reference. 

Coaching sessions will be delivered bi-monthly over Zoom.

 In this 12 month Experience, you and your child will:

  • Strengthen your relationship, essential for your child's self esteem.
  • Discover simple strategies for handling challenging behaviour and emotions
  • Learn how to respond instead of react
  • Find the power of the present moment and reclaim your soul.
  • Understand the internal world of thoughts and feelings
  • Reframe your own limiting beliefs and write a new story.
  • Release the trapped emotions that are keep you small.
  • Discover the importance of internal state and how to choose happiness
  • Understand language and how to use it for the best outcome.
  • Learn how to reframe difficult situations in order to move forwards.
  • Foster a growth mindset.
  • Understand perspective and how that changes your life.
  • Encourage your child to live to their full potential.
  • Sow powerful messages of self belief and limitless potential into their developing minds, as their belief systems are forming.

Each parent development session is paired with a selection of corresponding music workshops and workshops for your to do together with your child, therefore teaching them the same concepts in a way that they can understand.

Transform your life, find your inner power and raise a confident and wholehearted child brimming with the holy grail of self-belief.

Please note - All development sessions are delivered during UK term time only.

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