The Raise a Tiger Programme

The 12 month, online connected parenting programme teaching confidence and self-belief to parents and younger children with music includes:

Lifetime access to The Raise a Tiger Programme. Over 40 Original Music and NLP  based video Workshops, Interviews & Guest Activities to transform your parenting and your life. Increase your child's mental & emotional wellbeing, whilst teaching your child how to create and live the life of their dreams.

The Raise a Tiger Workbook crammed full of parenting strategies and journalling questions for help record your own captured realisations as you work through the programme.

Expert Guest Workshops on Mindfulness, EFT, Personal Safety, Emotions and more.

Live Q & A with Founder & Mama Tiger, Rachel Davis every week (Term time only.)

12 Month Access to the FIERCE Facebook Group for the duration of the programme. This isn't compulsory and has no bearing on the successful completion of the programme, but it is a rather nice place for accountability, to post pictures, ask questions and get additional trainings from Founder, Rachel Davis.

 In this programme you and your child will:

  • Strengthen your relationship, essential for your child's self esteem.
  • Create a parenting intention and family mantra, based on your own value system
  • Introduce awareness of self. Body, thought and emotion
  • Learn to tune in and trust the inner voice
  • Discover simple strategies for handling challenging behaviour and emotions
  • Reframe your own limiting beliefs and write a new story.
  • Release negative thinking and trapped emotions that keep you small.
  • Discover the importance of internal state and how to choose happiness
  • Foster a growth mindset.
  • Challenge your perspective and what you believe is possible for you.
  • Encourage your child to live to their full potential.
  • Sew powerful messages of self belief and limitless potential into their developing minds, as their belief systems are forming.

Reclaim your Raarsome and raise a confident child, who loves, trusts and believes in themselves.


Please note, this level has access to term time Q & A only. For the fully guided, supported coaching container, access to our resident psychologist and personal healing sessions, please purchase the Fear to FIERCE Experience which enrols 3 times a year.


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