Hyperactivity and a Child's Need for Connection

attachment wellbeing Nov 20, 2019


Quite often hyperactivity in children can be really difficult to handle, but it's the symptom, not the problem, It's the outward behaviour that is showing us that the nervous system has just been on high alert for too long. It's more often a sign of stress or trauma in children, which is an emotional problem rather than a physical one and it shows us a huge need in the child for connection and a need for safety, which takes time and understanding.  Our children learn to co-regulate their emotions long before they are able to soothe themselves and when we understand that, it really helps us to change our responses to our child, in order to help them feel safe. It helps us understand that we have to take responsibility for our own stress and anxiety, so that we can become the safe container for our children's emotional needs.

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