A Child's Mental & Emotional Health is Everything

wellbeing Nov 13, 2019

A child's mental and emotional world is everything.  And it's no different for us as adults. I invite you to think about a time in your life that has been particularly emotional or stressful...were you able to focus? Learn? Be amazing at your job? Or were you all over the place?

Our children are no different, yet we seem to be so much focus on our children's external worlds - teaching them the abc's, or to count and think, that we're not teaching them what really matters, which is how to manage internal landscape of thoughts and feelings.   How to manage their racing thoughts, anxiety and fear. How to deal with difficult emotions and to give both them and parents help with dealing with these things, because that's how we raise a whole child. That's how we help parents bring up emotionally healthy children. Children who can live and love to their full potential.

And the best way to teach children anything, is through love, fun and music

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