Could I write a song for you?

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2020

Hey Tiger,

Excited to write my blog this week,  with so many things to be grateful for.   Following a couple of weeks of ill health with my eldest and a nasty twisted ankle from ice skating (don't ask)  we're all well back on our feet and, whilst I'm still limping rather badly, at least I'm not having to sit on the sofa with an elevated foot with a bag of peas on it (though it was rather nice to sit down for a day or two, I can't lie.) 

Having recently made the final for 2 Digital Women Awards, I am humbled and excited to be off to to my very first awards evening tomorrow night, backed by Natwest small business and I am loving that given my swollen ankle, I can't even wear the heels that everyone says I "should" wear and that I get to wear the rock boots that I actually "want" to wear.  Being relatively new in the digital world, I am taking just the recognition of my work and making the finals a complete and utter win and once the official bit is over,  I cannot wait to connect with some new and inspiring women in my favourite place - a dance floor, even if I can't bust the moves with as much enthusiasm as I do normally. 

My latest interview for Women Ready came out last week, you can check it out here and I've welcomed some gorgeous new mama's into The Raise a Tiger Programme to empower them all through music and fun. My book proposal is coming along nicely and I am busy writing some brand new songs in the pipeline.

Oooh, creating, I LOVE IT!  Raar!

 So let me ask you ... is there something that you might need a song for? What is it that is driving you nuts? Is it food? Is it sleep? Is wiping their own bum? (that was a huge one for me - well not actually me, my kids, but you know what I mean right?!) 

Hit me up and tell me what you need ... you never know ...maybe I could write a song for you!

Have an amazing week and never forget, you're raarsome.


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