New Beginnings

wellbeing Apr 10, 2020

I am not religious and have never have been. Despite being an avid student of a Course in Miracles and having many personal practises that seem common amongst religions, such as gratitude and mediation or prayer, I have never really subscribed to a specific religion. I choose instead to follow my own path and trust the divinity within myself, inherent in all living beings. That said I have deep respect for all faiths and approaches that offer love as a way of living and the significance of the recent turn of world events in light of the Coronavirus lockdown is not lost on me, as we enter into the Easter weekend.  We are indeed at the beginning of a whole new world, as Carl Jung tells us, “Every transformation demands as its precondition "the ending of a world"-the collapse of an old philosophy of life.”
As we venture into a new way of being, I send you all of my love and I hope wholeheartedly that you take this necessary time with your family for reflection and to cultivate a newfound approach to life and family, the cornerstone of any place of true growth. Our closest relationships afford to us the biggest opportunity to heal our past, release discordant energy and therefore the ability to transcend them as we raise the frequency of our planet from the comfort of our own homes. Stay safe. Love hard. Be brave. Dance 💃💫

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