We are all connected.

wellbeing Jun 01, 2020

With so much hate being spewed from our media, it makes me so sad see that still so many people are still being judged, hated and are living in fear of those who still see separation.  They think they are separate from themselves, separate from other people and separate from their environment. 

When we understand that we are one. That we are all connected. That the same energy that runs through you, runs through me and runs through every living thing on this planet, you don't see colour, labels or even species. You just see love. You see God, in whatever form you choose - the Chi, the Force, the Tao, Life Energy, the Universe, or whatever the hell you want to call it - it doesn't really matter, for words cannot define it.  It just is. The all that is. You see beauty in everything and everyone around you and you simply wonder in awe at the perfection of it all. And when you truly understand this, you know that you cannot hurt another, an animal, or even your environment. Because you know that when you do this, you are really only hurting yourself.

This perspective cannot begin until we are able to love ourselves, completely and utterly.  Love has to start with self  and I don't mean all, "look at me" type love that we also see so much of in our media. I mean practising non-violence towards ourselves as a behaviour, not a feeling.

As work starts on expanding my online programme, Raise a Tiger and children's minds with music and my third album starts to take shape,  I have already started writing a song called We Are All Connected.  It's going to be epic and I am going to be pairing it with a great little exercise I learned recently, to help children see unity and connection in all and I can't wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, teach your children that we are one.  Encourage them to see the light in others is the same as the light inside themselves.  Offer kindness and understanding wherever you go.  Teach them that the answers they seek are inside themselves, but most of all, teach them that "Love is the Answer" to every single question. For Uni-Verse really means, One-Song.

You can find this song and many others to help inspire and empower your child on all major record providers under the artist, LaLa Tigers.


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