Teaching mental and emotional wellbeing to children, through music

music wellbeing Apr 20, 2020

Rachel Davis, from LaLa Tigers, teaches valuable life wisdom to parents and children through music and fun, whilst helping children believe that they can. Rachel says "Self esteem and confidence in children often starts with the little things, like getting their shoes on and brushing their teeth and feeling good about it.  But when we teach children in a playful way, we can also show them that there are always creative ways to approach everything, including life.   If we can use music to teach them about numbers, then why not teach them incredibly coping strategies for living and about mental and emotional health.  I use songs and play to introduce things such as mindfulness, how to trust their inner vision and to help children understand that  they are enough.  Our internal world of thoughts and feelings affects our whole lives and all belief systems are formed before age 7.   We then use these beliefs on a mostly subconscious basis, to run the rest of our lives completely on autopilot.  What an opportunity we then hold as parents, to teach them how to live a life of joy and purpose ... that they are enough ... that they have permission to be awesome and that we are all, just perfectly imperfect.   Powerful research from the Australian Longitudinal Study of 3000 Preschool children, found that shared music making can have benefits far more than even reading.  So to get the parents involved, I make sure the workshop are fun for the parent too, or I help them out with sticky moments, so that they can see the power of music for themselves.  This approach has three very  powerful effects. Firstly, the shared experience cements the learning in the child.  Th energy of love and fun literally strengthens the neural pathways and supercharges the learning taking place.  It also increases attachment between parent and child, so essential for a child's self esteem.  But because the workshops are shared, it means we can also impact the parent.

 The "Raise a Tiger" Programme

Teaching confidence and wellbeing to parents and children aged 2-7 years through original music and FUN!  No musical experience necessary.

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