What do you still need to let go of in 2022?


Did you reach your goals and intentions for this year? With just over 6 months of 2022 left, what do you want to let go of...to make room for the new? Are you parenting in the past, present, or future? What happens when you let go of expectations, or of negative stories...how do you feel?

When was the last time you were intentional about the story you're writing for yourself...or the story someone else wrote for you long ago, that you so deeply want  to flip the script for?

As we near the halfway mark, let's take this opportunity to revisit our intentions for the year, and remember that freshness that we wanted to manifest at the start.

Grab a pen and paper, give yourself the gift of time and space to watch and write down anything that comes uo for you. Let me know what you're letting go of, in order to live your own story!

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