Would you want your child to follow their dreams?

mindset wellbeing Jun 03, 2020

Have you ever had a dream so big that when you tell people about it, they look at you like you’re batshit crazy?  Have you ever felt so afraid of changing your life that you don't even know where to start?  I know have.  When I told people about my idea to start a musical programme to encourage a healthy internal world and self belief in parents and children with music, some people told me that I should be more realistic. Or that maybe I should go back to work. Or that maybe I should start smaller. 

I know they meant well and they probably had a point.  I mean, I was a full time single mum to two young boys and I was already running another small business, struggling to just get by and juggle everything life threw at us as it was. How would I find the time or resources to build such a dream? I had no songs...no website, no insta.  No nothing.. Nor did I know how to build any of that stuff... I mean, I just ran music sessions for kids in a village hall right? I was no “entrepreneur.” Who was I, to even think I could make a difference?  

But when I was 5, all I had ever wanted to do, was to play my piano.  I had begged my mum for lessons and  wrote my first song at 15.  Despite many twists and turns in my life and ending up in a sales career, I had never lost my passion for music.   When my brother had died suddenly at the age of 37, followed soon after by my father, it had spun my whole life on it's head.  I had spent the last 13 years of my life in a relationship that was not serving me, living in fear and being defined by another and I was all but broken.  Accepting other people’s ideas of what I was, what I was capable of and what was possible for me....all because of their limiting beliefs and their thoughts and feelings.  Narcissistic abuse is not something that can be explained in a short blog post, but I went through a personal hell and not only survived, but I found JOY!  I experienced what many people call an "awakening.' When my heart ripped open, it let in the light.  I knew I had more inside me than anybody thought possible and I KNEW that I was capable of whatever I chose to put my mind to. And I knew I wanted to sing.  I wanted to write music. I wanted to create.  And not only was this call undeniable, it was unavoidable.  Songs were ringing in my ears, ideas were pinging all over the place.  People talk about divine inspiration and that is the only way I can describe it.  Some kind of energy, a purpose was flowing through me and I couldn't help but act on it.  I was a slave to the vision. An instrument, if you will.

So I got up at 5am. I stopped watching tv. I set out to learn everything I could, I built a website, I learned about marketing. I wrote songs and I learned tech.  I built my dream.  And here’s the thing. The more I strove and took action towards my purpose, the more the right people and things I needed, just FELL into my lap. The second thing I found was that as my dream to inspire the next fierce generation took shape and became real .. as I started recording songs, filming and editing the workshops, I realised how much I had achieved over the last year....and suddenly it just didn’t seem like such a big deal anymore. Then the unthinkable happened.....My dream got BIGGER!  It's been only 2 years since I answered the call, but already there are 2 albums, on online programme, a TEDx Talk and my book proposal has been submitted.

You see, when we trust and surrender to the force we call life, weird and wonderful things happen.  When we become receptive to the possibilities and the magic that is all around us, we can become mighty warriors of that force.  An instrument of the universe.  Which is ironically now teach children, amongst many other things, through the joy of music.  So I ask you .. do you already see gifts and talents in your children?  Do they have a dream?  And would you want them to follow theirs? It is never too late to be what you might have been.  Never let anyone define who you are. Everything is learnable. Everything is trainable. They might all think you are crazy, but if you don’t make a start, they’ll all be right.

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