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Let me personally guide you through the 'Raise a Tiger' Programme's trainings. Holding and supporting you, as you go from fear to love in all areas of your life and your parenting.  

With monthly personal 60 minute parent development sessions and the opportunity to talk through any personal situations and parenting challenges via voxer access, the Platinum Experience will help you release negative thinking, remove judgement, change your perspective on life and increase your mental and emotional wellbeing. All whilst building the most incredible bond with your child through the joy of music and play.

With Personal Emotion Code Healings from our resident practitioner and personal monthly sessions with our resident Child Psychologist and Emotional Security Expert, this 1:1 experience will help you to reclaim your parenting and personal power and raise an emotionally healthy child, brimming with confidence and self-belief. 

Becoming the parent you want to be, regardless of your past, starts with one single step. The decision that you are ready to heal your past and become the parent you really want to be, for the sake of the future wellbeing of your child.

If you are ready to change both your lives, please book a call with me using the link below.

Rachel x


Sara Rowland Tiger Mama of 1

"Having initially signed up to the Raise a Tiger programme, I’m now doing 1:1 coaching with Rachel. The support I’ve received from Rachel has been invaluable, both for me as a parent and for me as ‘me’. My son was singing ‘Listen to your body’ in the bath tonight...and he’s requested a tiger for Christmas!"

"I can’t recommend Rachel and La La Tigers highly enough."

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