Coal into Diamonds.

parenting wellbeing Feb 06, 2020

Parenting. What a journey.

The highs, the lows, the hissing of swear words into the fridge, the random socks EVERYWHERE!  (Always on my kitchen worktop...why?)

If you’d have told me back then what it entailed, or that I would now be doing it completely on my own, I might not have done it at all. But without my personal struggles and the vertical learning curve of bringing up 2 children alone, I would not now be writing the songs that I do, to help parents out and to make kids believe they can. I wouldn’t be showing up to serve the world in a bigger, bolder way. And I wouldn’t be the sparkly and joyous being that I am now.  I wouldn’t be fierce and I wouldn't love my life and my work.

You see it’s only through sheer amounts of pressure that carbon turns coal into diamonds.

Without my experiences, I would probably still be a little lump of coal - but now because of what I have learned, I have transformed my life and now choose to teach other mums and children about the strength that they have inside themselves through fun and music.  You see, I can't save you from the hurt, or the pain, or the fear. But I hope to show you that the challenges and experiences you are facing right now, are turning you slowly into sparkly little gems.

So if you dealing with pesto pasta on the floor (again) or getting their shoes on, takes half an hour. If picking up the sea of plastic crap is getting you down and living off left over fish fingers and the juggle of parenting is just too much and you haven’t brushed your hair yet today, I feel your pain. If you are struggling with grief, loss or emotional pain and any mental health issues that keep you locked in your head, I want you to know that life has a funny way of turning sand into pearls, caterpillars into butterflies and coal into diamonds.

And I promise's working it's magic on you too.


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