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Positive Language in Parenting

Oh, I love talking about language! I'm an NLP practitioner, it's about our ability to reframe difficult situations by changing our language.

If you do one thing today, please remove the word "don't" from your vocabulary!

Watch this and find out why...

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Fear and control in your parenting


When you're in a place of positivity, love and positive attention, you're in a period of growth.

But when you're in survival it's easy to slip into control mode, blame, judgement and being reactive.

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"It's literally the best thing I have ever done with my child!"  - Jordana Matsuda - Early Childhood Educator


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Self love is NOT a feeling.

Remember who you ARE!

Self love is not a feeling. Self love is the decision to heal yourself with every behaviour that you make. To transform your thoughts and feelings from negative to positive and show up authentically.

To show up as the person and parent you really want to be. The person you ARE - underneath all the "stuff" that life threw at you.

Personal transformation is an 'undoing,' and growth is just a decision to heal. So whilst we're undoing ourselves, why not also go straight to source and make sure we parent our children in a way that is going to encourage them to live to their fullest expression?

When you make the decision to heal yourself and live into your divine expression, your child will watch your every move.

Self love is a behaviour, not a feeling.

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When your child doesn't listen ...

There can be very little that is more frustrating, than trying to get your children ready for school in the mornings.  Teeth brushing can take forever and that's if you can even get the toothbrush in their mouths. And getting them out of the door can be a complete nightmare ... I mean, just how hard is it to put your flipping shoes on!

I speak from experience. As a mother of two children, I have had all the same struggles on school runs. Add in a child who has ADHD and struggles to listen or follow simple instructions and it's a recipe for disaster and I was literally losing my shizzle.

Or at least it was ...

That is, until I discovered the incredible power of music to reach my children where words failed.

I'd been running music sessions for children for 6 years, when I made the discovery. I had always known the power of music to teach younger children, let's face it, we use the alphabet and counting songs to teach our children all the basics, before they start...

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Single Parenting after a Toxic Relationship

There can be nothing more damaging to a child than the ending of a toxic relationship between the parents,  especially if one of the parents does not have the child's best interest at heart, such as with narcissists or sociopaths.  Given that it can take years to finally pluck up the courage to leave a toxic relationship, when you finally make it to freedom, it can be a tough pill to swallow to find that not only will you never be truly free, your beautiful and wondrous child, who you most probably left to protect, will now be used to manipulate, control and hurt you further.  In fact many there are many mothers who stay in the relationship way longer than they should, simply to avoid having to send their children to the man that may well have systematically abused them and potentially their children for many years.  After years of gaslighting and emotional abuse, breaking free and reclaiming yourself and your mental health must be a priority,  if you want...

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How stress affects our children's ability to learn.

In light of the recent pandemic, it would be foolish to think that our children will be able to slot straight back in to nursery, or school where they left off.

Anxiety, stress and new beliefs about safety and being near to others can be passed on either by the media or parents, when combined with the fear of illness or even just being away for their parents after all this time,  will vastly inhibit a child's ability to learn. I invite you to think back to a time when you were highly stressed, or even just marginally worried about something.  Were you on form?  Were you able to focus?  Were you in a prime position  to bring your "A" game?  I suspect not.  In fact our children's ability to learn rests largely in their mental and emotional wellbeing.  Young children learn best through play and yet the very energy of play can only be attained when a child feels safe and happy. There are two basic modes ... survival and growth.  In survival,...

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What to do when your child is angry

parenting wellbeing Jun 24, 2020

Anger is a natural defence mechanism and it helps us to feel powerful and in control. When your child is angry, it helps to understand that underneath anger is always some kind of vulnerability. It could be fear, shame, embarrassment or even just hurt feelings, but the anger is there to protect us from the wound underneath. By holding our children in a space of love and refusing to be triggered, we help them to move through the fear of feeling these emotions and allows them to feel safe. This should trigger tears and allow the full expression of the emotion underneath the anger, which you will notice will make them instantly soften and is vital for the child to become the fullest expression of themselves and to avoid them having to build a hard shell, or false self (ego) around the inner wound.

 The "Raise a Tiger" Programme

Teaching mental and emotional wellbeing to parents and children aged 2-7 years, through original music and FUN!  No musical experience necessary.


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Introducing EFT (tapping) to children with music.

parenting wellbeing Jun 22, 2020

Are bedtimes a struggle? Do your children have strong emotions that they find difficult to handle? Maybe EFT, or tapping could be the answer.  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a bit like acupressure for the emotions and is a fantastic thing to do with and teach younger children. It gives them a tool to be able to release negative energy and allows them to take control of their emotions.  EFT works by tapping on certain meridian points around the body, which stimulates them and can help to regulate anger, stress or a poor self image.  Raindrops is a wonderful song for calming children down at bedtimes, encouraging children to become present and of course to do tapping with. Which is why in my work, I pair this song with an expert workshop for parents and children, from the Amazing Tappy Jo, a A Master EFT Practitioner who has spent years using tapping within the education sector with children.  You can find the song"Raindrops" on all major record providers, or...

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Raising a Child with a Positive Mindset

mindset music parenting Jun 20, 2020

So you want to raise a child with a positive mindset and healthy self image, right?  And you understand a little about the subconscious mind and how the  programming we receive in the first seven years of life go on to form the hard drive that we use to run the rest of our lives on a 95% unconscious basis? Ok, so we’re on the same page. Then throw in the power that music has go straight into the unconscious mind and you might just start to get a little bit excited at the thought of what is possible for your children, when we combine powerful affirmations, positive parenting and language with music!  Then supercharge it with the incredible energies of love and FUN and then ...  and only then, will you have an idea of why I do what I do. And it's why I did a little TEDx talk about it, " Inspiring Confidence & Self Belief in Children through Music." Feel free to check it out at the link below. You see, it really is all about how we see things and how that...

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Raising children who are honest, kind and brave

Most people want to raise a confident child, but this of course starts with the parent and their ability to respond, instead of react.  For when we become aware of our subconscious programming and we start to step out of that and stop reacting on autopilot, we can start to take responsibility for our own triggers and understand what they are telling us and resolve them. Only then can we truly parent with intention for the outcome we want, which is to raise a child who is honest, kind and brave ... because we are ultimately being those things ourselves.


Teaching confidence and wellbeing to parents and children aged 2-7 years, through original music and FUN!  No musical experience necessary.

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"It's literally the best thing I have ever done with my child!"  - Jordana Matsuda - Early Childhood Educator


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