Is fear blocking you?

Overcoming your fears

When I look at my children all I can see is limitless potential. I can see everything they are going to be. But the thing that’s going to stop them, the one thing that’s going to stop them “becoming” who they’re meant to be and what they’re here for, is really simple…it’s fear. Fear. All fear is, when we break it down, it’s just a thought! Where does fear come from, what causes fear? It’s a thought that we’re not good enough. It’s a thought that I’m not worthy, it’s a thought that it’ll ever happen for me, it's a thought that it can happen for her but it’s not for me. All of these fears and judgements are things from our childhood and trapped emotions, from thought processes that we have had from childhood. Is this the mindset that you want for yourself and for your children?



If we always think the same thing, we’re creating a subconscious groove. We’re reinforcing those routes in the very synapses of our brains. We wire those pathways in and that becomes our personal reality; but you have the choice every day, every second, to make a different choice. You have the choice to feel a different thing, to take a different action, to build new pathways, to rewire your synapses and create new thought patterns. You can change your mindset. Even though you may feel scared, you have the power to stop fear from holding you back, you have the power to feel the fear and do it anyway. You have the power to understand the fear psychology, to reframe that feeling of fear and call it excitement. As a result you can empower your children to stop fear from holding them back, you can create new pathways. This is how to change your mindset for success. You can build neuroplasticity with your children through talking about your plans and goals, by visualising yourself doing them, by writing it down, by singing songs about it, by making a vision board or drawing pictures, and by taking steps towards what you want. You can choose give your brain new information and focus on possibility, every day. It starts with a choice, followed by an action, repeated. That, my friend, is how you change your life.


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