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It's All Inside!


Of all the things you want for your children, happiness and confidence are always at the top of the list you tell me you wish for.

Enjoy this video from the archive! [12min watch, perfect with a cuppa].

As parents and early educators we have an amazing opportunity to guide the beliefs that children hold about themselves, that are formed on a 95% unconscious basis before the age of seven.

Parenting isn’t about mastering your child, it’s about mastering your mind. You don’t have a behaviour problem, you have a thinking problem…because we cannot control anybody else but ourselves. We’re in a relationSHIP, and the way that you change your ship is to change yourself.

Personal freedom involves doing things differently, thinking differently, feeling differently. Personal freedom takes courage. And it starts with changing your thinking. Everything starts with the inner work. Personal freedom starts by taking the journey within.

What cage are you...

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The Art of Raising Happy, Confident Children

Happiness. Inner strength. Confidence. Self-belief. Self Worth. All the things that will have the biggest affect on your child’s life.
These things come from ways of thinking and ways of being that can be learned in our adult life. But what if we didn’t have to learn it at all? What if it was our default setting? Just the way we were?
You see the perceptions we form about ourselves, about the world, about who we think we are capable of, happen during the imprinting stage, which is before age 7.
These ‘beliefs’ form our subconscious programme and become the engine that drives most of our thoughts, which trigger our emotions on autopilot, for the rest of our lives.
These beliefs are so strong, our brains will actively look for evidence to support them and discount evidence that doesn’t.
So if you believe you are not good enough, not only will you look for evidence to support that, you will even...
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