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The Art of Raising Happy, Confident Children

Happiness. Inner strength. Confidence. Self-belief. Self Worth. All the things that will have the biggest affect on your child’s life.
These things come from ways of thinking and ways of being that can be learned in our adult life. But what if we didn’t have to learn it at all? What if it was our default setting? Just the way we were?
You see the perceptions we form about ourselves, about the world, about who we think we are capable of, happen during the imprinting stage, which is before age 7.
These ‘beliefs’ form our subconscious programme and become the engine that drives most of our thoughts, which trigger our emotions on autopilot, for the rest of our lives.
These beliefs are so strong, our brains will actively look for evidence to support them and discount evidence that doesn’t.
So if you believe you are not good enough, not only will you look for evidence to support that, you will even...
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Survival or Growth?


As far as I'm concerned there are only two energies, there's fear and there's love.

At LaLa Tigers I'm passionate about helping children and parents understand that and helping them move beyond fear so they can thrive -- because you're either in survival -- or you're in growth.

The "Raise a Tiger" Programme

Teaching wellbeing and confidence to parents and children aged 2-7 years, through music and FUN!  No musical experience necessary.

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"It's literally the best thing I have ever done with my child!"  - Jordana Matsuda - Early Childhood Educator

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Single Parenting after a Toxic Relationship

There can be nothing more damaging to a child than the ending of a toxic relationship between the parents,  especially if one of the parents does not have the child's best interest at heart, such as with narcissists or sociopaths.  Given that it can take years to finally pluck up the courage to leave a toxic relationship, when you finally make it to freedom, it can be a tough pill to swallow to find that not only will you never be truly free, your beautiful and wondrous child, who you most probably left to protect, will now be used to manipulate, control and hurt you further.  In fact many there are many mothers who stay in the relationship way longer than they should, simply to avoid having to send their children to the man that may well have systematically abused them and potentially their children for many years.  After years of gaslighting and emotional abuse, breaking free and reclaiming yourself and your mental health must be a priority,  if you want...

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Single mum transforms her life and empowers others through music.

If you’d have told me 6 years ago that I would be full time single parenting, homeschooling, relocating, doing a TEDx talk and would be running an online business doing something I loved, I would have laughed in your face.  I was a big hot mess. I’d just come out of a long term abusive relationship, my kids and I were all over the place and I was singing “Wheels on the bus” in a village hall to preschoolers. But here’s the thing ...  I knew I was capable of more. When I decided to take my music sessions online just to escape my physical location, I had to face all of my fear, doubt and insecurity. Did I nail it all? No! I still have many fears, I just got really good at facing them. I grew strong. I learned techniques and mindset. I took control of my racing thoughts and I did a shed load of work on my emotional health. And then suddenly, wheels on the bus just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. I knew I had to teach children what I’d...

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Solution focussed children


When we consciously shift our children from the problem to the solution, we create a habit. A habit that starts to teach our children to start to shift out of the problem and on to the solution, which is essential for a healthy mind and wellbeing, for what we focus on expands.


 The "Raise a Tiger" Programme

Teaching mental and emotional wellbeing to parents and children aged 2-7 years, through original music and FUN!  No musical experience necessary.

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"It's literally the best thing I have ever done with my child!"  - Jordana Matsuda - Early Childhood Educator



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Your voice becomes their inner critic

Your subconscious programming is affecting your parenting. Create self-confidence in your children through the words you speak and the songs you sing. Give them the gift of positivity, resilience and self-belief to last a lifetime. Come and play! First 2 weeks are FREE

Teaching confidence and wellbeing to parents and children aged 2-7 years, through original music and FUN!  No musical experience necessary.

Join NOW  - 14 Days FREE TRIAL

"It's literally the best thing I have ever done with my child!"  - Jordana Matsuda - Early Childhood Educator

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Forget learning and focus on your child's wellbeing instead.

As many parents face sending their younger children back to school in uncertain times, I cannot help but wonder how much focus will be on the children's mental and emotional wellbeing and how much will be on getting them back to "normal," or catching up with the check boxes of curriculum needed, to get them back to where they "should" be.

Given the global and traumatic events of the last few months, it would be naive to assume that children can just go straight back to learning, without addressing the anxiety and emotional distress, that may well be held inside their bodies and their minds.  Let alone any stress suffered as their parents struggled to work and "homeschool."

Seeing their families frightened, changing routines, removing them from their friends and possibly even losing someone they loved will have a profound effect on how they think and feel about themselves, others and indeed the the world.  With negativity pouring from every news broadcast, even if they are...

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Introducing Gratitude to your Pre-Schooler

Mental and emotional wellbeing within families has never been so important and one of the simplest ways to increase this is through bringing gratitude into your daily lives.

For anyone familiar with a gratitude practise, it needs no explanation, but others may question why gratitude is so important for a child's wellbeing.  Well, regular gratitude is strongly linked with increased mental health, well-being and long term happiness and it allows our children to get some control over how they feel.   Now I don't know about you, but those are all things I most definitely want for my children. 

Practising gratitude works because all thoughts and emotions, as with everything in our world, are really just forms of energy and all emotions have a vibrational frequency.  And one that can be measured.  I'm sure it won't surprise you to hear that fear, anger, shame and indeed all negative feelings, are all at the low end of the chart.  Whereas peace, joy and...

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They Can't Lock Up Your Mind.

Just when you thought you couldn't get any more locked up, lockdown continues, right?  But they can't lock up your mind.  

Sometimes the things that are our greatest trials are our greatest teachers.  When we look back at the things that have shaped us the most, it is rarely the things that have gone easy, or well.  In fact it's the same reason that the Chinese symbol for crisis, is exactly the same as it is for opportunity.  Often a crisis can force us out of the sleepwalk that we have been in and wake us up to new ways of doings things that are more in alignment with who we want to be as a person and as a parent.

The thing is, how you experience life is based on how you choose to perceive it.  Your mind is a terrible master, but a wonderful slave and you have so much choice in how you choose to think.  So today you have a choice ... and it's a big one.

You can choose to carry on doing the same thing, being the same way and going round and...

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How lockdown will shape you

mental health wellbeing Apr 09, 2020

These experiences will shape you. They will show you resilience and courage you never knew existed. They will shape your child’s mind and their future. And the way that they view both themselves and the world. Tell them that this is an adventure, tell them that this is an opportunity. To see and do things differently. Because when you change the way you look at things, the things look at change. Yesterday somebody said to me that they wish things would go back to “normal” but frankly I can’t think of anything worse. Our planet was literally dying. Our consumerism was out of control. Mass food production as caused global issues, including forcing much food production into unsafe territory in many parts of the world and the consumption of animals has caused several dangerous viruses in the last few years. The lessons are there in black and white. It is time to pause. To rewrite a new ending. We hold an incredible opportunity to recreate our lives from scratch....

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