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Raising Wholehearted Children - Part Three

Welcome to Part 3 of my Raising Wholehearted Children blog series
In this 4 part series of blogs I want to share with you how I’ve learned to live deeply into my own truth and how I bring personal growth into my parenting so that you can do the same.

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So this blog is about parenting in the present moment. Not what you would like to be happening (that’s magical thinking people and it doesn’t work btw.)

Raising Wholehearted Children Step 3: It’s time to set realistic expectations for yourself and your child.
This will help you know what it is exactly you’re working toward and allow you to parent in the present moment and work with what is actually going on,. For when we have expectations for a situation that are not being met, this is where ALL stress lives.

Late for work / school anyone? Expect them to to be ready on time? I know you can relate 


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Solution focussed children

empowering kids parenting Feb 17, 2020

Guiding our children means letting them come up with a solution themselves, so they feel empowered and solution-focussed as they go through life.

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