Confidence is knowing mistakes are part of the learning process

Do you have low self esteem based on fear of failure?

Want to know how to boost your child’s confidence? Show them that failure and making mistakes are just a part of the learning process, and you will build their self esteem. In my programs for building confidence in children through music, I talk a lot about building confidence through being the model not the mirror. The aim is not to reflect back but to stand in our values and model the example to our children. See this as a challenge in your life and your parenting, you can and you will rise to it!



Building confidence

When Freddie Mercury sang ‘We Are The Champions’ he was saying in front of the whole world what he wanted. And nothing anyone ever created or achieved was gained without failure, perseverance, self-belief and by getting up each time you fall, and going again. Will you make mistakes? Yes. Will you fail big time? Yes.

The key is to find the gold in your failures. What you focus on expands. Focusing on the problem makes it larger, but when you are able to dig deep into what the experience is bringing then the more quickly you’re able to shift out of it, to move forward, and to achieve a better result. Our lives are based on the experiences and belief systems formed in the first seven years of life. Model this mindset of self acceptance, and self worth regardless of external outcomes, to your children and you’ll plant the seed of self esteem that will grow through their lives. Failure is just a part of the learning process. Every performer, every athlete, every entrepreneur, every creative person knows this. Own your story, and you can show your kids how to own theirs. Frame it as an adventure. As the famous sailors' saying goes, “Fail we may, sail we must!”.

What is a confident child? A child with self-belief, who knows their self-worth, who knows that they are enough. Solution-focused beings. Positive mindset and positive action, listening to their inner voice and trusting that they will learn something from each part of the experience if they reflect on it…and then take new action! Mindset matters. This is vital for mental health, confidence, to build  self esteem. Conscious parenting builds self confidence. Looking for easy ways to build confidence in early years kids? Look no further. We’ve got you covered!


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