How lockdown will shape you

mental health wellbeing Apr 09, 2020

These experiences will shape you. They will show you resilience and courage you never knew existed. They will shape your child’s mind and their future. And the way that they view both themselves and the world. Tell them that this is an adventure, tell them that this is an opportunity. To see and do things differently. Because when you change the way you look at things, the things look at change. Yesterday somebody said to me that they wish things would go back to “normal” but frankly I can’t think of anything worse. Our planet was literally dying. Our consumerism was out of control. Mass food production as caused global issues, including forcing much food production into unsafe territory in many parts of the world and the consumption of animals has caused several dangerous viruses in the last few years. The lessons are there in black and white. It is time to pause. To rewrite a new ending. We hold an incredible opportunity to recreate our lives from scratch. To use our incredible imaginations to dream up a new ending for ourselves . For our families. For our planet. Dream BIG people. For when nothing is certain, anything is possible.

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