Introducing EFT (tapping) to children with music.

parenting wellbeing Jun 23, 2020

Are bedtimes a struggle? Do your children have strong emotions that they find difficult to handle? Maybe EFT, or tapping could be the answer.  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a bit like acupressure for the emotions and is a fantastic thing to do with and teach younger children. It gives them a tool to be able to release negative energy and allows them to take control of their emotions.  EFT works by tapping on certain meridian points around the body, which stimulates them and can help to regulate anger, stress or a poor self image.  Raindrops is a wonderful song for calming children down at bedtimes, encouraging children to become present and of course to do tapping with. Which is why in my work, I pair this song with an expert workshop for parents and children, from the Amazing Tappy Jo, a A Master EFT Practitioner who has spent years using tapping within the education sector with children.  You can find the song"Raindrops" on all major record providers, or better still, come and join the musical programme to light you and your child up from the inside out.



 The "Raise a Tiger" Programme

Teaching mental and emotional wellbeing to parents and children aged 2-7 years, through original music and FUN!  No musical experience necessary.

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