It's better to be a tiger for a day ...

parenting wellbeing May 07, 2020

If there is one thing I know for sure, it's that living in fear is not really living at all. I know, I spent years in fear, locked in my head and with negative feelings.   In fact in terms of biology, the moment our body goes into survival mode, any energy that was used for growth is diverted to survival, which is counter-productive to human health and our immune system.  I found out the hard way that there really are sociopaths and that these people look like everyone else.  These people have no empathy and do not have the best interests of you, or anyone else at heart.  They have their own agenda and it doesn't take into account you, or your family.  The use of fear to control is one of the oldest tricks in the book and is used so heavily in today's media as we are bombarded with negative or even fake news, images of perfection and anyone not seeming to fit the accepted mould is deemed unfit, unworthy, not enough. An outcast.  


And our children are swimming in this cesspool of media, constantly being manipulated and influenced.  Any moments we might have had previously for quiet reflection, have now been replaced with the internet, TV  and the bombardment of constant entertainment. I look around and all I see is clones.  Wearing the same, looking the same, thinking the same.  We fear being judged, we fear looking stupid, we fear speaking out and yet interestingly the people we tend to admire the most are the ones that aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd.  The people who are brave enough to be vulnerable, confront their fears and who stand up for what they believe in.  People who are honest, kind and brave. 

We are all born worthy.  Perfect.  In fact we are all exactly as we are supposed to be, because we are all here to do something different.  And we all have huge personal power and the incredibly ability to create our own reality.  But with so many people being encouraged by the media to concentrate on the outside of themselves, to get the latest clothes, make-up and validation from others to help them believe they are enough, it is not surprising that they cannot find their inner strength - or hear their inner voice.  They are literally looking in the wrong place.  With all that focus on the outside, our bodies, our looks, how others see us, we neglect the very thing that will make all the difference.  Our inner selves, our inner voice and our own intuition.  The people who stand out to us are the ones who light up the room with their being, their presence and their quiet confidence and self belief.  These people are simply the ones that have reconnected with their true selves and simply know that they are enough.  Nothing outside of us will ever make us happy, or help us believe in ourselves.  No make -up, new gadget, or top will ever make us feel enough.   That is down to us and how we choose to define ourselves.  Fierce really is an inside job.  When we are able to become present and aware of our subconscious programming and understand that we can choose how to think and feel,  we can start to break free and take control of our lives. It takes self awareness and an understanding of the inner world, which is why I teach this to children though music. 

Our programming of who we are and what we are capable of is formed in early childhood and it's what we use to run the rest of our lives on a largely unconscious basis. 95% of our behaviour happens on autopilot based on the beliefs formed in early childhood,  so this is where we can have the most impact. Before a child turns around 7 and their critical factor is formed, they absorb everything as fact.  If we combine this with the power that music has to go straight into the unconscious mind and stay there, we can start to use music to teach our children about their inner worlds.  We can help them learn about thoughts and feelings. We can sew powerful suggestions of lessons of inner strength, individuality and capability, in a way that will stay with them forever, all whilst strengthening the parent / child relationship - essential for a child's self esteem and developing sense of self.

We are living in unprecedented times.  Fear is ever present.  Growth has been swapped for survival and repression is everywhere.   Let's start a quiet revolution.  A ripple of inner driven humans who know that they are enough.  A generation of people who understand that the way that they think is the way to personal freedom and who are brave enough to stand up for what they believe in.  A generation who trust themselves.   A generation who do not look to the media for instructions on how to live their lives and how they should look, be, eat and feel.  A generation who are in touch with their inner vision and who can use their imaginations, critical thinking and push through fear to do things differently.  To use their gifts and talents to serve the world and the greater good in some way.   And the revolution starts here, with you and the way you parent your children.  Fill your child's mind with powerful messages of being an individual.  Encourage them to question everything.  Help them understand that they are important and that they are here for something more.  And never to ignore the person they should trust the most.  Themselves.  Because it's always better to be a tiger for a day, than a sheople all your life.

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