Stop minimising yourself to make others feel better

Dance like nobody's watching!


You are the role model for your children. Think about that for a minute. Are you minimising yourself to make others feel better? Are you hiding your light? Are you being authentic and true to yourself, and honest with yourself about what you want?  You get to inspire your child by being true to yourself and living to your fullest expression, every day, and I’m here to help you make the most of it.  You have one shot to raise a child, you don’t get a second chance. This is it. Before age 7 your children are developing a lens of how they see the world that they’ll use to run the rest of their lives on a 95% unconscious basis.



Be honest with yourself about what you want


Therefore, because 95% of your behaviour right now is happening on that unconscious basis, the majority of your parenting is just somebody else’s story that you have chosen to accept as fact, and that is now just playing out. Most people are living lives like they're just on a hamster wheel, and it is my intention that you don't get to that point. I don't want you to get to the point where things really start to fall apart before you start to make change. You don’t want to wake up at 65 and have all of the regret that you didn't spend as much time with your children. Think about the effect of a parent’s attitude and the effect that you are going to have on your child. Think about it as a cycle. It’s going to affect your children's lives and then it's gonna affect every single person that they meet. The ways that you teach your child, your friends and your family, is by showing up totally in your power, exactly as you are. That is what I want for you, and when you do that also you give your child permission to do it.


Be true to yourself 


However, first you have to have connection and compassion for yourself and your needs. So much of the work that I do in the training has come from work I’ve done on myself. When I changed my own life, it had a ripple effect. The amount of my friends who decided to change their relationships, who changed as people, who left their jobs and pursued their dreams, was amazing and inspiring to see.  It’s beyond wonderful to see people just do their thing and be their authentic selves! Right now, are you minimising yourself somewhere to make somebody else feel comfortable? Do you wanna stop dancing every time the music comes on, or would you rather dance like nobody’s watching, and embody that sense of self worth and self confidence, and model that behaviour for your children, so they can learn to be true to themselves too? I’ll leave you with this parting thought today.  Where are you not showing up in all your free, confident, bad-ass glorious self? Be honest with yourself about what you want and where you are not being authentic. What are you hiding, where are you minimising yourself, and where can you bring your authentic self out? I would love to know.

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