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parenting wellbeing Feb 05, 2020

Somewhere in the dark, amongst the hurt, the fear and the self doubt...shoved down there with all the stuff you'd rather be ashamed of, the things you'd rather forget, the guilt and the shame...is the key.

To the light. To your freedom. To JOY!  And all you have to do is go inside and get that key.

Then maybe turn it a little. Give it a wiggle. See which way it wants to go.

Turn that fear into LOVE. Remember who you are. Why you are here. What you are capable of. And then maybe you could find your fierce and raise a wholehearted human, because ultimately that's going to start with you.  It's why my work is as much about empowering the parent as it is the child. It's about helping them uncover their limiting beliefs, the negative stories and healing the hurt so that they can become the parent they really want to be, the one they know they can be, underneath all the stuff.

Becoming intentional about raising a wholehearted human begins with our own self care. And I don't mean the "I love myself" blah, blah brigade. I mean self love as a behaviour rather than a feeling. Self love as a non negotiable. As a pre-requisite to raising a child in a healthy way, because if there's one thing I know for sure, it's that hurt is always passed on and whether we like it or not, we are all carrying something. 

Maybe it's time to put it down. Lighten the load and move forwards into the fullest expression of yourself. But the only way to do that is to go through it. To feel it. ALL of it and to decide, slowly, to let it go.

Because your child will not do as you tell them. They will copy what you are.

The healing work you do, will allow you to understand the process. Understand how feelings can become trapped in your body, manifesting as disease and the repetition of situations that don't serve you.  It will allow you to become conscious to your reactions and learn how to respond instead. In a way that will allow your child to not have to hide themselves away.

The biggest gift. Personal freedom


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