When brushing their teeth is a nightmare, try adding music!

The morning rush can be a struggle for many parents with younger children.  The energy can feel stressful and many children don't understand complicated phrases such as 'being ready' or 'on-time,' which, let's face it are are actually huge concepts, made up of so many smaller actions.  Add in a bit of counter will or a child who has difficulty with transitions, or following instructions and it can turn into a disaster fairly quickly. 

You start shouting, they start reacting and you all leave the house feeling awful. Not a great way to start the day. And as we all know, these feelings can often snowball, leaving your child clingy and upset, or worse still, have a knock on affect for the whole day. 

When we remember to prioritise the relationship over the job that needs to get done, we can always create a win win situation.  A little imagination can go a long way with children and when we give ourselves a moment to step back and 'choose' not to get sucked into the unfolding drama, we can give ourselves the chance to consciously curate the situation. We can think of imaginative ways to turn those stressful moments into fun, love and connection.  Instead of stomping around, shouting and trying to push or control our children, which comes from an energy of fear, we can tune in, play and guide our children to a solution in a way that feels amazing. We can parent from a place of love, which is of course where our true parenting power is.

It's why I started writing songs to help parents with younger children out.  Songs to brush teeth, get shoes on,  for being safe.  I even wrote one to get them to pick their pants up and for separation anxiety. And they worked like a charm.

It's how LaLa Tigers was born and it led me to the discovery that I could also teach children much more important wisdoms with music.  Like how to trust themselves, how to create the life of their dreams and to trust that they were enough.  

You see, music is a universal language. It speaks to us in a way that nothing else can and it reaches children where words often fail.  It brings families together and when we use it to reduce conflict and family stress, it can benefit everyone. So next time they won't brush their teeth, or put their shoes on - stop shouting and start singing. You'll be surprised at the results.

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