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When brushing their teeth is a nightmare, try adding music!

The morning rush can be a struggle for many parents with younger children.  The energy can feel stressful and many children don't understand complicated phrases such as 'being ready' or 'on-time,' which, let's face it are are actually huge concepts, made up of so many smaller actions.  Add in a bit of counter will or a child who has difficulty with transitions, or following instructions and it can turn into a disaster fairly quickly. 

You start shouting, they start reacting and you all leave the house feeling awful. Not a great way to start the day. And as we all know, these feelings can often snowball, leaving your child clingy and upset, or worse still, have a knock on affect for the whole day. 

When we remember to prioritise the relationship over the job that needs to get done, we can always create a win win situation.  A little imagination can go a long way with children and when we give ourselves a moment to step back and 'choose' not to get sucked into...

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