Anxiety and becoming wholehearted.

The goal is to live without the shell and lead an authentic life. But this means we have sometimes change our environment. Parenting with children's mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in mind means we have to be consciously aware of our own childhoods, our children's behaviour and how control is showing up, because fear is always so sneaky. When we are able to regulate our nervous system and brainwave state, allowing us to become an observer we can learn to take full responsibility for our anxiety and listen to what our subconscious is trying to tell us.

If this resonates, come find me in The Tribe, my free Facebook Group, where every Tuesday I deliver free training to help parents of under 7’s to find their own Fierce and raise wholehearted children who can live and love to their full potential.


"It's literally the best thing I have ever done with my child!" - Jordana Matsuda - Early Childhood Educator


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