The courage to change your life

In this space we talk about mental health and emotional health, we talk about raising wholehearted children, we talk about the courage to change your life. I want to talk about the opportunity and the responsibility that you have as an adult, and as a parent, to shape your child’s mind, and to show them by your actions how to get courage and confidence. If any of you know any about the work that I do, I'm on a mission to impact a generation of children to live to their full potential, to become wholehearted, to help them have a childhood that perhaps they don't have to recover from as so many of us have to do as adults.  



How to change your life

The way I do that is a unique approach, so most of the work that I do is on the personal transformation and the undoing of the adult’s thought processes because when we change the way we think, we change the way we feel and that changes the way we behave. Then what I do is use increased attachment and connection as a conduit to impact childrens’ subconscious minds by using music as a vehicle. Then also what I do is to be very intentional with how you are as a parent, so you can be very intentional about how you’re showing up in your childrens’ lives so that you can be the model, not the mirror for your children.


Today let's talk about courage because on the emotional frequency chart joy and gratitude are very high! And right at the bottom is shame, guilt and fear, with shame being the lowest emotion you can feel as a person. When I first saw this was in a book called “Power vs Force” by Dr David Hawkins, and it always surprises me that courage was just below neutral. I always thought courage would be above neutral. So you've got shame, guilt, fear, then courage. I thought courage would be above neutral, but it’s interesting because if you think about it courage really is the thing that you need to take you out of fear. Then you can start to take action, and taking action is the last and most important process of the whole circle of compassion and courage. Now let's talk about how this then becomes a virtuous circle, because you cannot be fully connected to another if you’re on autopilot and you're not even listening to what they're saying, if it's triggered something and it's made you think about something else, or you're planning something for tomorrow when you start thinking about that, and you're not even present in a conversation.

 How to get out of overwhelm

So if you're not connected with yourself and hadn’t noticed that that's even happening, how are you going to be connected to yourself let alone your child? No shame or blame here, just as an invitation for you to consider, because especially as a single mum there is so much overwhelm and the stress and the busyness can stop you. When you’re fully connected yourself only then you are able to be connected to others as a whole hearted fierce human, and remember, when it comes to compassion for other people you can't give away what are you going without for yourself, it's impossible. But you have a choice in every single moment to be present. Many of the things that I talk about my processes of practice is because you have to keep doing them because it's so easy to flip back into autopilot. You don't want to flip back there and then be wondering how to get out of overwhelm. Autopilot is not flying, or designing your life. Designing your life is a conscious, present choice taken in every single moment every single day. These are the moments that you are wasting right now and would wish you had been more present for this at the moment. All you need is to summon the courage to change your life, and take the next action step towards it. 


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