They Can't Lock Up Your Mind.

Just when you thought you couldn't get any more locked up, lockdown continues, right?  But they can't lock up your mind.  

Sometimes the things that are our greatest trials are our greatest teachers.  When we look back at the things that have shaped us the most, it is rarely the things that have gone easy, or well.  In fact it's the same reason that the Chinese symbol for crisis, is exactly the same as it is for opportunity.  Often a crisis can force us out of the sleepwalk that we have been in and wake us up to new ways of doings things that are more in alignment with who we want to be as a person and as a parent.

The thing is, how you experience life is based on how you choose to perceive it.  Your mind is a terrible master, but a wonderful slave and you have so much choice in how you choose to think.  So today you have a choice ... and it's a big one.

You can choose to carry on doing the same thing, being the same way and going round and round on the merry go round that somebody else designed for you. 


You can do something different. Break free.  Shift.  Open your mind to a new way of being and the idea that maybe there's a different way to live your life. You could really be the change you want to see and your child is watching your every move. 

As a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Coach and Hypnotherapist (as well as a mum and a musician)  I just love opening people's minds to what they are really capable of and what they are really here to do. 

You see the way you perceive things is everything and the programming of your child's subconscious is happening RIGHT NOW!!  Before age 7, you have the greatest opportunity to plant powerful seeds of limitless opportunity and a instil a growth mindset.

Why is this important? Because the subconscious mind is like the engine that drives all thoughts and feelings, which in turn drives all behaviour.  We use it on autopilot most of the time and it decides much of our lives without us having to think about it.  We literally live out the programme that our parents instilled in us, with their own patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour, handed down from their parents.  OUr children don't listen to what we say, they copy what we ARE!  As we get older, we have to make a conscious  effort to consistently choose and consistently reprogram our minds and language, to break out of these habitual patterns to live in alignment with our highest vision.  If we wanted to live the life of our own making that is.  But our children's minds right now are like little sponges.  They are literally being wired for their future with every interaction, every tone of voice and every label you put on them.  As you define yourself, you define them. as you interact with them, so you shape their life.  As you treat them, is how they will go on to see themselves.  And once the programme is set, it's so much harder to change.  And it's why I am so passionate about working with parents with younger children, because it's where I see my work having the most impact.

And what's the best way to teach mindset and mental & emotional health to parents and kids?  Yup you guessed it.  Music and FUN!

Because music is the only thing that goes straight into the subconscious mind and stays there forever.  Sprinkle in some love and fun making, with a parent or loving caregiver and what you get is learning on steroids.  It's why my programme has incredible tips and workshops for parents as well as messages for living a happy life.  It's why many of my songs have powerful affirmations and fun workshops to explain these concepts to children in a way that they can understand.  It's why I am so excited about writing music that instils messages of positivity, self love and being enough. Because your child's potential has everything to do with the way that they think and feel about themselves and that my friends, has everything to do with you and the way you think and feel about yourself.

So with everything that's going on, maybe it's time for a change.  For a new way of being.  A new way of parenting.  A new story.  

The question is, who's going to write yours? And how much fun do you want to have writing it?

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