Why Impatience Never Works


Anyone who pushes your buttons is your best teacher, they're showing you you don;t yet have mastery of self. 

Any energy that comes from impatience is never going to give you an outcome that you want in your life, or in your children. 

You can force your kids to do things, but those decisions made from impatienceare going to damage relationship and damage connection. They'll create negative feelings around those things you're trying to get them to do, and will create memories fro your children around those negative things. 

Childrens' emotional experiences are built into the architecture of their brain. It's why the things you remember the most are moments of complete joy, or stress and trauma, and mostly it's the traumatic moments that stick out for you.

It's our job as parents to give our children a childhood they don't need to recover from. 

Whe you make those decisions from an energy of impatience you're never going to end up with an outcome that you want, with your children or with your life.

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