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Why Impatience Never Works


Anyone who pushes your buttons is your best teacher, they're showing you you don;t yet have mastery of self. 

Any energy that comes from impatience is never going to give you an outcome that you want in your life, or in your children. 

You can force your kids to do things, but those decisions made from impatienceare going to damage relationship and damage connection. They'll create negative feelings around those things you're trying to get them to do, and will create memories fro your children around those negative things. 

Childrens' emotional experiences are built into the architecture of their brain. It's why the things you remember the most are moments of complete joy, or stress and trauma, and mostly it's the traumatic moments that stick out for you.

It's our job as parents to give our children a childhood they don't need to recover from. 

Whe you make those decisions from an energy of impatience you're never going to end up with an outcome that you...

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Conscious Parenting. Is there another level?

Conscious parenting has seen an upward turn in the last few years. With popular books such as The Conscious Parent, by Dr. Shefali making this way of raising children more widely known. Which in my view, can only be a good thing. 

Honouring, respecting and validating our children's experiences, whilst digging into the work of self-enquiry and healing from our past, is a crucial part of conscious parenting and essential for raising wholehearted children,  which is something I am hugely passionate about. This concept is centred on the idea that the problem is not our children, the problem is actually our own subconscious and emotional health. And the thought of raising a child who doesn't have to recover from their childhood fills me with complete joy. But what if we could take conscious parenting to another level?

The work of transforming the parent in order to affect the child is really only one part of the jigsaw puzzle. Powerful books, such as the Biology of Belief, by...

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Teaching Children's Mental Health With Music


With one in three mental health issues starting in early childhood, it is more important than ever to start teaching younger children about their internal worlds. The way a child thinks and feels about themselves, particularly before age 7 is a huge factor in whether they will live to their full potential.

Before age 7, our children are naturally in a theta brainwave state, which is essential for their development and for their survival.  It means that they can absorb lots of information which they accept without question. It's why childhood is so magical, they believe everything!

But the beliefs formed in early childhood, become our model of the world.  They become like the engine that drives all thoughts, which trigger our emotions, which then results in our behaviour.  Put simply, your thoughts create your perceptions and therefore your experience. It is vital that we teach our younger generation about hteir internal worlds now. Teach them that they are enough and...

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