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Teaching Children's Mental Health With Music


With one in three mental health issues starting in early childhood, it is more important than ever to start teaching younger children about their internal worlds. The way a child thinks and feels about themselves, particularly before age 7 is a huge factor in whether they will live to their full potential.

Before age 7, our children are naturally in a theta brainwave state, which is essential for their development and for their survival.  It means that they can absorb lots of information which they accept without question. It's why childhood is so magical, they believe everything!

But the beliefs formed in early childhood, become our model of the world.  They become like the engine that drives all thoughts, which trigger our emotions, which then results in our behaviour.  Put simply, your thoughts create your perceptions and therefore your experience. It is vital that we teach our younger generation about hteir internal worlds now. Teach them that they are enough and...

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