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Conscious Parenting. Is there another level?

Conscious parenting has seen an upward turn in the last few years. With popular books such as The Conscious Parent, by Dr. Shefali making this way of raising children more widely known. Which in my view, can only be a good thing. 

Honouring, respecting and validating our children's experiences, whilst digging into the work of self-enquiry and healing from our past, is a crucial part of conscious parenting and essential for raising wholehearted children,  which is something I am hugely passionate about. This concept is centred on the idea that the problem is not our children, the problem is actually our own subconscious and emotional health. And the thought of raising a child who doesn't have to recover from their childhood fills me with complete joy. But what if we could take conscious parenting to another level?

The work of transforming the parent in order to affect the child is really only one part of the jigsaw puzzle. Powerful books, such as the Biology of Belief, by...

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Tantrums, Hyperactivity and Low Self Esteem

Just trying to leave the house was a nightmare and I couldn’t handle his emotions, which were all over the place. He couldn’t follow simple instructions and calming him down for bed was impossible. Then one day, I trying to tell him something for the 15th time and a song came on the radio and he just started singing it. I mean, it went straight in when my words had failed. And that’s when I knew.

In the beginning, I began writing songs just to help me out. You know, songs to get their shoes on, to brush their teeth, songs to drop them off and to calm them down for bed. But they worked so quickly, I realised I could teach them so much more. You see, music is a universal language. It goes straight into the unconscious mind and it stays there. Forever. It's why you don't remember anything your parents told you when you were 3, buy you remember ALL the songs.

And as a Hypnotherapist, as well as a musician, I understood that this realisation was HUGE. You see our...

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