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Changing negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs


Change negative thoughts to positive 

Today I want to talk about negative patterns of thinking , our responsibility and choices. How to change negative thinking, blocks, and limiting beliefs and be a calm and happy parent, how to break bad habits without yelling. It’s about choice, it's something I’ve been digging into this week with my own growth. It blows my mind how many choices we have. The choices that we have, that we have the opportunity to get to make, the choices that we don’t get to make, and sometimes the choices we’re procrastinating on or avoiding.

What are the choices that I’m not taking, where are the opportunities that I have, what are the choices that I’m avoiding, and what’s going on with me underneath that? If you’ve been in my space for a while you’ll know I like to dig into things.

It’s always about the thoughts, and what thoughts do we sometimes not take responsibility for. I know that if...

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What I love about music.

The journey of music begins with fun, and grows into so much more. We can teach kids positivity, self-esteem and all kinds of life skills and mindsets that will stay with them forever.

To see the power of music to connect and teach, click the link above and get your free online music workshop here.

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