How to have a better relationship with your child

The number one driver for people coming into my process is normally they want to have a better relationship with their children, to bond with their children and be more present because they are so overwhelmed. If you are in my space I am assuming you do you also want a more present and connected relationship with your children. If you ask yourself why can I not bond with my child, that is ultimately going to be defined by the relationship that you have with yourself because we can only meet others at the depths to which we have met ourselves.



I'm going to explain just a basic premise of it with my Circle of Raar, it’s a virtuous circle, it goes round more than once and it keeps going round. We have connection, compassion and courage, this is the premise of how people become wholehearted. We start with connection, it goes round to compassion and it finishes with courage.  Now when I say this is a virtuous circle what I mean is that we have to go round the circle for self first, before we are then able to extend it. Now what I mean by connection I mean our ability to notice how we react to food, our ability to connect with the deep part of ourselves and get out of her own flipping way, our ability to cultivate our connection to source (however you define that; the universe whatever it is that you wanna call it). This is the self connection part of the process. I believe that with self connection, self compassion comes automatically because when you connected yourself you notice things, and you are in the process of self observation.

Then what happens is you start to notice the people that make your hair stand on end, you start noticing the habits and the things that are actually hurting you, because really that's the goal isn't it, to do more of the things that heal you and less of the things that hurt you, right? This is the path of self-actualisation, this is the path to personal growth, so compassion and kindness. Where are you not being kind to yourself right now? Talk to yourself as if you are talking to a friend and they’re trying to teach you something.

Change thought patterns 

All of our emotions to here to help us. If you're feeling guilty do you wanna tune into that, mama? Are you gonna be thinking why am I, what is it, right? Because you know there's something that you're not doing and you’re busy looking outside of yourselves blaming every single thing. I don't want to minimise or invalidate any people who have had trauma or serious issues but ultimately how you live your life beyond that does come down to you, you know? I know some people have issues with food or gambling or shopping or alcohol or sweets or over-exercising or working too hard, I know that. Singing is something that my soul requires, that's part of myself. Where are you applying what your soul needs in your life?

I'm not saying any of this is your fault. This is your program, this is your emotions combined with your subconscious programming showing up and making you live out these patterns, but we have this incredible thing…awareness! Only then do we have the opportunity to change in the present moment, because this is so much nicer, to bring in the compassion part of the process.

Create the life you love 

What does your soul cry for, what does your body want, what does your mind want to be focused on, what are the things that you read about that light you up and you're fascinated by? Connection is also linked into inspiration, and changing our lives only happens when we take action, which comes down to courage. Design your life! What I want you to think about is, how strong is your programming, what thought patterns do you notice that you would like to change? How are you going to have an incredible connection with your Self, what are the ways for you to bond with your child emotionally? I'm not gonna go into how we can reprogram today, but if you're in my group I talk about how you can reprogram your subconscious and how to step more into your soul for yourself. Come and join us. We’d love to see you!


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