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How to have a better relationship with your child

The number one driver for people coming into my process is normally they want to have a better relationship with their children, to bond with their children and be more present because they are so overwhelmed. If you are in my space I am assuming you do you also want a more present and connected relationship with your children. If you ask yourself why can I not bond with my child, that is ultimately going to be defined by the relationship that you have with yourself because we can only meet others at the depths to which we have met ourselves.



I'm going to explain just a basic premise of it with my Circle of Raar, it’s a virtuous circle, it goes round more than once and it keeps going round. We have connection, compassion and courage, this is the premise of how people become wholehearted. We start with connection, it goes round to compassion and it finishes with courage.  Now when I say this is a virtuous circle what I mean is that we have to go...

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