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Fear keeps you small

Fear is designed to keep us small, through overthinking and keeping us trapped in our heads. It's there in the blocks that we have energetically that are stored in our bodies.  In the thoughts that we think repetitively and in every behaviour when we choose not to live into our divine self expression.

I'm on a mission to free mothers -- to help them to let go of all the sh*t that isn't serving them -- so they can raise wholehearted children!

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"It's literally the best thing I have ever done with my child!"  - Jordana Matsuda - Early Childhood Educator

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Survival or Growth?


As far as I'm concerned there are only two energies, there's fear and there's love.

At LaLa Tigers I'm passionate about helping children and parents understand that and helping them move beyond fear so they can thrive -- because you're either in survival -- or you're in growth.

The "Raise a Tiger" Programme

Teaching wellbeing and confidence to parents and children aged 2-7 years, through music and FUN!  No musical experience necessary.

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"It's literally the best thing I have ever done with my child!"  - Jordana Matsuda - Early Childhood Educator

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When brushing their teeth is a nightmare, try adding music!

The morning rush can be a struggle for many parents with younger children.  The energy can feel stressful and many children don't understand complicated phrases such as 'being ready' or 'on-time,' which, let's face it are are actually huge concepts, made up of so many smaller actions.  Add in a bit of counter will or a child who has difficulty with transitions, or following instructions and it can turn into a disaster fairly quickly. 

You start shouting, they start reacting and you all leave the house feeling awful. Not a great way to start the day. And as we all know, these feelings can often snowball, leaving your child clingy and upset, or worse still, have a knock on affect for the whole day. 

When we remember to prioritise the relationship over the job that needs to get done, we can always create a win win situation.  A little imagination can go a long way with children and when we give ourselves a moment to step back and 'choose' not to get sucked into...

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Feelings and living to your fullest expression

Our emotions are a gateway, they govern so much...but underneath there are often wounds, and when someone touches on them we sometimes say they "made us feel" a certain way.

In LaLa Tigers we believe in taking responsibility for our own emotions.

When we tune into taking responsibility for our feelings, and choose to explore and feel them deeply, only then can we fully express our brightest selves.


The "Raise a Tiger" Programme

Teaching wellbeing and confidence to parents and children aged 2-7 years, through music and FUN!  No musical experience necessary.

Join NOW  - Places Are Limited

"It's literally the best thing I have ever done with my child!"  - Jordana Matsuda - Early Childhood Educator

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Tantrums, Hyperactivity and Low Self Esteem

Just trying to leave the house was a nightmare and I couldn’t handle his emotions, which were all over the place. He couldn’t follow simple instructions and calming him down for bed was impossible. Then one day, I trying to tell him something for the 15th time and a song came on the radio and he just started singing it. I mean, it went straight in when my words had failed. And that’s when I knew.

In the beginning, I began writing songs just to help me out. You know, songs to get their shoes on, to brush their teeth, songs to drop them off and to calm them down for bed. But they worked so quickly, I realised I could teach them so much more. You see, music is a universal language. It goes straight into the unconscious mind and it stays there. Forever. It's why you don't remember anything your parents told you when you were 3, buy you remember ALL the songs.

And as a Hypnotherapist, as well as a musician, I understood that this realisation was HUGE. You see our...

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Children behave better when they feel better

Expecting children to 'behave' or even be in a position to be able to learn, when they are struggling with anxiety, stress or early childhood trauma is not viable. 
I invite you to think back to a time when you were stressed, tired, or in mental or emotional turmoil or distress.  Where you on your game? Were you receptive to learning? Or were you paralysed. Trapped in your head, going over and over things in your mind? Did you maybe snap at people, or lose control of your emotions. Were you easily angered? Could you focus or concentrate, or did the room seem to too small for your feelings and you just had to get the hell out? Did you sleep or eat well?
Did you want to go out and socialise with your friends and play loads?
I could be wrong, but I suspect not. 
If your child is hyperactive, melting down and seems unable to be still, focus or concentrate, follow instructions or is simply lashing out at others, it could be time to stop judging...
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Self love is NOT a feeling.

Remember who you ARE!

Self love is not a feeling. Self love is the decision to heal yourself with every behaviour that you make. To transform your thoughts and feelings from negative to positive and show up authentically.

To show up as the person and parent you really want to be. The person you ARE - underneath all the "stuff" that life threw at you.

Personal transformation is an 'undoing,' and growth is just a decision to heal. So whilst we're undoing ourselves, why not also go straight to source and make sure we parent our children in a way that is going to encourage them to live to their fullest expression?

When you make the decision to heal yourself and live into your divine expression, your child will watch your every move.

Self love is a behaviour, not a feeling.

Take the Tiger's Time Challenge or join me in my FREE Facebook Group, The TRIBE here.

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When your child doesn't listen ...

There can be very little that is more frustrating, than trying to get your children ready for school in the mornings.  Teeth brushing can take forever and that's if you can even get the toothbrush in their mouths. And getting them out of the door can be a complete nightmare ... I mean, just how hard is it to put your flipping shoes on!

I speak from experience. As a mother of two children, I have had all the same struggles on school runs. Add in a child who has ADHD and struggles to listen or follow simple instructions and it's a recipe for disaster and I was literally losing my shizzle.

Or at least it was ...

That is, until I discovered the incredible power of music to reach my children where words failed.

I'd been running music sessions for children for 6 years, when I made the discovery. I had always known the power of music to teach younger children, let's face it, we use the alphabet and counting songs to teach our children all the basics, before they start...

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Single Parenting after a Toxic Relationship

There can be nothing more damaging to a child than the ending of a toxic relationship between the parents,  especially if one of the parents does not have the child's best interest at heart, such as with narcissists or sociopaths.  Given that it can take years to finally pluck up the courage to leave a toxic relationship, when you finally make it to freedom, it can be a tough pill to swallow to find that not only will you never be truly free, your beautiful and wondrous child, who you most probably left to protect, will now be used to manipulate, control and hurt you further.  In fact many there are many mothers who stay in the relationship way longer than they should, simply to avoid having to send their children to the man that may well have systematically abused them and potentially their children for many years.  After years of gaslighting and emotional abuse, breaking free and reclaiming yourself and your mental health must be a priority,  if you want...

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How stress affects our children's ability to learn.

In light of the recent pandemic, it would be foolish to think that our children will be able to slot straight back in to nursery, or school where they left off.

Anxiety, stress and new beliefs about safety and being near to others can be passed on either by the media or parents, when combined with the fear of illness or even just being away for their parents after all this time,  will vastly inhibit a child's ability to learn. I invite you to think back to a time when you were highly stressed, or even just marginally worried about something.  Were you on form?  Were you able to focus?  Were you in a prime position  to bring your "A" game?  I suspect not.  In fact our children's ability to learn rests largely in their mental and emotional wellbeing.  Young children learn best through play and yet the very energy of play can only be attained when a child feels safe and happy. There are two basic modes ... survival and growth.  In survival,...

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